WFF is hosting a party with the Angling Exploration Group Nov 11th -14th

The party will be in November, and you can vote on one of two dates. November 4th - 7th or the 11th - 14th. Any earlier and the video won't be done in time, remember this is the launch party for the Angling Exploration Groups first video, and this party will be the premier public showing.

More information on the video at

Being that is hosting the event, it needs to be kept in Washington. I'm voting for two places unless I hear a better idea, Marblemount area of the Skagit or the Cowlitz (trout fishing and steelhead fishing in the area). Let's hear a vote on the dates.
The weekend of the 4th works for me.

Which area will have more open areas for fishing (trout & other)?
That's my vote! :thumb:
I'm in for either location and either date. Don't really have a preference because I don't hit either too often anyways. I can't wait because this is going to off the hooky. Somebody has to watch over B!!!!! :beer1: :beer2: :rofl:

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I was just thinking. I know that is weird. But as some want to Trout fish and some want to Steelhead. How about some place like Carnation. There is lots of water around there for both types of fishing. You are close to the forks of the Snoqualmie and you are also close to the Sky and the Main Snoqualmie along with the Tolt,Sultan and Wallace rivers. And you have the Park in Carnation. I don't think that there will be many people there in November.

Just a thought.

Hey Easy Tonto....

Jabs.. I am a grizzled veteran of the Washington flyfishing party scene. There will be no watching over B... All you have to do is prop me up in a lawn chair, and leave me alone. :hmmm: HAHAHAHAHAHA

My vote is wherever is most condusive to The Angling Exploration group, and their needs. I'll be there, just bring it! Ryan, give me a call if you need help with anything.

~B :beer2:
Interesting idea Jim. If you want to throw it in Carnation, I live on a farm out there and have tons of fields to play in. Advantages is it's close, disadvantage is it's not far away :) SW Washington, NW Washington, or Carnation?

Thanks for the offer Brian, I'll let you know. We have eight kegs lined up right now, working on getting a big projector to show the video, and have some other stuff in the works. "This gonna be fun!"
Me Tonto You Grizzled Vet Ranger

Yo B,

You know I'm just playin with da player. I know you got it down. You are right there will be no watching over....I jist be a watching..BP are you with me? :beer2:
All I can say is elevation at whatever site is chosen could be a big factor on the number of people that show up at that time of year. I'm sure team Rugged would cross any pass, and hike to any location but some of us may not want to camp or play in the snow. Jim. :beer2:
Personally I am down for some place a little more out of the way where we can get away from the 7-11 which is 300 yards away.

My vote is SW WA or Skagit System

Mike :beer2:
As long as the dates are in Nov any place and any weekend works for me. The fly tying instructions I have gotten from these get togethers have been worth it to me alone. I have learned something new each time. Many of you out there are something else at the vice. The fishing, beer and good people just make it even better.
Since nobody seems to have too much of a preference, and since a couple of good friends have requested to change the date, does anyone have any problem with the second date, November 11-14th?


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Skagit Campgrounds?

Let's talk Skagit campgrounds.... Howard Miller in Rockport seems like the only big one. Maybe the Sauk campground off Suak-Concrete rd. Do the upper Cascade campgrouds close by that time? I don't think any campground in Marbelmount large enough...? Maybe a rental from Clarks Cabins? Is Rockport St Park closed too? Can't remember with all the budget cuts...