WFF photo game

Ed Call

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AvianQuest, cool, but is that fabricated?

Here are my Dog and Chicken entries for consideration, note the watch band fly holder.


Creek visit:


Eyes to the sky...
The final call goes to the challenger, but assuming AQ has mad photochop skillzzzzz, Ed's 2nd one looks pretty creative. What say you, Mr Haan? Way to hotspot the honey hole, BTW Ed. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I like both. Since I grew up in Houston, I know how Texans like to streach the truth, no way is that dog is bigger than that bridge. I'll have to give it to Mumbles.

My dog and chicken

Ed Call

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Awesome. I wanted to take the kids to DQ for a hotdog and chicken chunks, had my Okay, fly and fishing map in hand. They insisted on a better dining experience yeilding the dog image on the crayon wrapper and the word chicken. Thankfully the errand on the way home produced another option.

Okay, my turn. I want to see a natural bug that we attempt to imitate along with your Okay and piece of fishing gear...the fly used to imitate the natural would be the coolest. Inspired by the HUGE Golden Stonefly Nymph that crawled upon my shoe this weekend.


the Menehune stole my beer
Beat this one bitches.........EVERYBODY knows that Dog was chicken as SHIT to marry this woman! Nobody said the chicken part couldn't be an emotion........uh...right? huh?..................:rofl:


Eyes to the sky...
Alrighty. Ed's got the ball. A bigass bug, the OK, and some FF kit, preferably the imitation of the aforementioned bug. Remember, this has to be DURING the course of a fishing trip. If a hex happens to land on your vise at the house, you can snap a pic, but you can't get the glory. (creative dog and chicken, Mingo...:thumb:)

So far the board looks like this. (Mine doesn't really count. I started with the sign knowing I'd see one the next day. I just wanted to have an example.)

Mr Haan=1
AvianQuest=honorable mention for the deft mouse clickery.

Big bug. Go get 'em!