WFF Snoqualmie Cleanup, BBQ, and Fishing Event Sept 18

Snoqualmie cleanup, bbq, and fishing event???

>OK, so the 18th of Sept is the official date.
>Here's who is in so far:

Chad, I am hoping to make it. I am currently out of work and may have to take a contract job out of state. If I am here in Washington on the 18th I definately plan on attending.




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WFF Snoqualmie Cleanup, BBQ, and Fishing Event - Sept 18!

Cool, the September 18th should work for me! I'm in. I'll see what I can help with, definitely setup or cleanup and I've got a truck so I can help getting some of the garbage hauled out.

Bill :beer1
WFF Snoqualmie Cleanup, BBQ, and Fishing Event - Sept 18!

I'd be there, but that weekend happens to be the Fly Fishing Retailer show in Denver, which I can't miss. Bummed out :(


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Big K1

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It looks like I can make it. I have a pickup let me know
if you need me to do anything. If there is any interest in
me bringing some two-handers for people to try let me know
also. Would you mind if I did the trash pick up below the

WFF Snoqualmie Cleanup, BBQ, and Fishing Event - Sept 18!

Mr. World Angler I am BUMMED out that biz calls for you! But I know how that works!

Well we got a score to settle!!!

I owe you one, wellllll, probably 3 or 4 but who's counting!

One of my unfished spots on the Snoqualmie with rod of choice at 60 feet!

Damn I hate to eat crow but I WILL bring something along to wash it down.

E Mail me and let's go fishing!


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Big K1 - bring the 2 handers. We'll be doing gear demos, and everyone is welcome to bring something to let others try.

Fishing and cleanup can happen anywhere you like. Not sure yet how we'll organize the cleanup and fishing - but somehow we'll break into smaller groups and target different areas...
Thanks for coordinating the event, ChadK. I just added it to my calendar and plan to be there.

If there is anything that is needed (tools, truck, attitude), just let me know.

Snoqualmie cleanup, bbq, and fishing event???

Well...the lil' lady went and bought tickets for Farm Aid, which is on the 18th. So I will unfortunately be unable to attend.

Unless of course there's a sunrise fish and trash that day, in which case I'd be in.

I'll continue catch and retain of coors light cans and fishing line (no restrictions) on the middle fork on my own time... : )


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Sorry to hear you are out Stokes and a few others. Maybe next time :)

For those signing up and volenteering various forms of help and supplies - THANKS! As time draws near and plans get more solid, I'm sure I'll be in contact...
WFF Snoqualmie Cleanup, BBQ, and Fishing Event Sept...

I've marked my calendar and will make every effort to be there. About time I met and fished with some of the folks I spend so much time yacking with on-line.

Snoqualmie cleanup, bbq, and fishing event???

OK Mr. Chad,
So let's get some details!

It is at your place and what time? Are Bill and Melinda coming by?

It is on the 18th, and do we bring our own stuff to turn to crispy critters on the BBQ? Do we have to bring something for your Boss and his wife so you don't get fired!! Bill Gates with a fly rod in hand would be a trip!!

And how much do we have to conribute to the Chad's wife foundation to keep you out of a divorce ? LOL but maybe seriously!!




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Patients grass hopper...

Good questions Dave...

First - Bill can't make it. Apparently my heli-pad is not big enough or something...

2nd - no worries about the 'divorce prevention fund'. My wife owes me after all the baby showers, scrap booking parties, etc. We just gotta keep it outside... Hopefully the weather cooperates...

I think BYO Meat for the BBQ sounds great.

We may need to do a 'cover charge' \ suggested donation thing to help cover other expenses. Any left over proceeds would go to Chris \ WFF site and or possibly TU depending on their involvement (waiting to hear back...).

OK - so besides the weather, there could be one other problem with this plan... My wife is on one of her 'missions' - where there really is no stopping\reasoning with her. We are about the refinance and catch up on some over-do repairs\maintenance on the house. Well, apparently she's been talking to some realator 'friends' and now she's convinced this is a great time for us to consider finding another home with more space. We currently have a 3 bedroom house with 3 boys. Not too bad really. But in a few years we want to adopt a baby girl. So we've been racking our brains trying to figure out how to use the space we have. Anyway, there is a lot more to it - but the bottom line is - the house is being listed this weekend. Worst case for the WFF event, is that we determine a plan B venue. Even a tailgate style BBQ river side would be cool. If anyone has any ideas as to an alternative venue for our Plan B - let me know.


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A change of schedule means my wife will be now be flying out on Saturday, September 18 for an east coast business trip, leaving me as Mr. Mom for the following week. Sadly, my daughter's Saturday riding committment means I'll most likely have to take a rain check on the get-together.