What about sleds (jet boats)

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My dream is to own a jet boat that I can launch and power upstream and then sort of drift and fly fish my way back to the ramp. A good aluminium job with adequate power (an inboard would be the best for skinny water I should think) of about 14 to 16 feet, sort of bare bones would be ideal. What can I expect to pay for such a rig w/ trl and oars? Where is a good spot to look for one? My wife insists I sell my 24' Oregon Dory by Norcoaster first and my 12 ft. with Honda 5hp. and my pontoon and my inner tube and my trailer FIRST. Then the river boat.

Bob, the Oh well, she's right of course. ;)

Jerry Daschofsky

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Bob, unless you go with a custom, you will be hardpressed to find an inboard that small. It'll eat up too much of the boat just for your motor. You may find some of the sportjets. I think Northriver has a boat that suits your need, but you're talking a $15,000 pricetag on it. That's if you want the inboard.

Truthfully, I would look into a wider Jon boat. Get one in the 16' range, and they do make some that are wider then normal (think Lund makes one that's actually welded if memory serves me right). Get one with say a 35hp jet with tiller control with your oarlock setup. I'd guestimate you could find one used in the $4,000 range give or take a thousand depending on location. My old sled would've been perfect for you. Was a 14' sled setup as you wanted, but was a forward control boat with windshield. But truly was a fishing machine. I sold it for $3500. Was an older all welded Valco (looked like a wooldridge Alaskan actually). Just look at the classifieds on some gear boards. It's your best bet at a sled. Or run down to Aberdeen/Grays Harbor and look around. You'll find them for sale all over if you keep your eyes open.


Hi Bob,

Ditto FLGator. If for just rivers and you want to jet up and drift back. With possible alternative use on calmer lakes, etc. IMHO the Rogue Stealth is the ticket.

It's basically a driftboat modified to take a 20hp MercJet or similar jet outboard. You can reasonably expect to get the package for somewhere under $10,000. Runs in very shallow water with its flat bottom - I'm guessing you could skate over 8" or so without scraping bottom.

The stealth has also been out for a few years - you might want to check BoatTrader for used ones as well.

Good Luck!

When the wife's not looking, buy the type of boat you want. The key is to destroy the reciept (or be willing to say you did). That way she can't make you take it back!

Hell of an idea. Now all I need is the jet ski engine. Where to look? I would love to build my own boat using stich and glue etc. Problem is that glass and plywood often delaminate and now youv'e got a ton of problems with dry rot, etc. But it's doable and I might give it a whirl if I could get some decent plans. I would like a flat bottomed, sled type boat, sort of jon boat, only with some decent sides and transom.
I wonder sort of horsepower those jet skis have?

Bob, the Grateful for the tip. :thumb:
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