What are your "realistic" fishing goals for 2014?


I didn't mean to create any addicts on here with my question!

You all realize, don't you, that catching a steelie on the swing it's game over. You might as well throw away your trout rods!

Do your wife, kids, friends, jobs, etc a favor.... and don't even start!!! :D:p:D
I don't get out very often to do it but I plan to immediately retire from the pursuit upon landing one. One and done here. :eek:


Joe Streamer
1. Get my 3 boys into fishing a bit more, including both lakes and gear, but introducing them to small stream trout fishing with a fly rod.
2. Get my own usual ~25 or more days in on the water. I'll go insane if it's much less than that.
3. Land a 25" brown trout from a particular piece of moving water where I landed one just shy of that last summer. Then my trout goals are all done for a lifetime.
I already forgot mine. I'll give it a go...

1. Catch 3 species of anadromous fish
2. Catch 3 species of trout
3. Catch fish from fresh, salt, and brackish water
4. Catch fish on a dry, nymph, and steamer

These should be doable
Lots of good 2014 motivation on this thread!

My realistic goals:
1. Fly fish with my dad, brother and girlfriend more
2. Hit the Yak during another unreal spring skwala hatch
3. Land some Owyhee browns on a road trip in August
4. Dial in the Sauk for summer bull trout

And an unrealistic one:
1. Hike into a remote, empty run on the upper Queets and land a 20 lb native on the swing

Charles Sullivan

ignoring Rob Allen and Generic
1.) Teach my 9 yr old daugher to speycast an 8 weight single.
2.) Fish dries more than 50% of the time for summers.
3.) Learn to cast a long belly for big river summers.
4.) Wall tent purchase.
5.) Fish north for winter fish too.

Go Sox,

John Hicks

Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits
1.To get to fish more with my Wife. We don't get to do that enough.
2.Fish with my best friend James Mello more.
3.Fish with my oldest Son. We did once last year and I hope to do it a lot more when the weather warms up.
4.Not to lose any friends and to gain a few more.

wadin' boot

Donny, you're out of your element...
To finish refurbishing a beat up mess of an old bamboo rod
To use that rod with my son Jack to catch some stockers in Green lake
To use that rod to catch some SRC
Wow, some great ideas! I may have to add a few to mine.

One that always seems to "linger" in the back of my mind as of late, is making more of an effort to just stop, look, listen and enjoy where I am at when fishing.

There will always be fish to catch, but I won't always be able to hike over rugged terrain 10 miles a day.

This has come up more in my mind, especially after seeing a show about wounded soldiers coming home... who can't even walk.