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    I purchased this last fall for $9.99. It is sold as a monopod. It extends from 21'' to 67'' and has a common 1/4-20 thread mount on it that accepts most cameras and binoculars. The thread mount is also reversible for the larger 3/8 thread mounts. It turns out it is more versatile than just a monopod. I have used it all winter on my daily walks with my dog, it has either a metal spike end or a rubber foot. It is made of anodized aluminum and is remarkably rigid. So as a trekking pole it has been a success here on the frozen wasteland. I bought it initially to support my new camera with a 20X zoom and for that it is just perfect. Combined with the camera's stability control it produces much better images than hand held. I bought a small ball mount to use with it that really improves it's usefulness and makes camera use a breeze.

    And then I got to thinking-why not a wading staff? I priced new wading staffs that telescope and the price ranges from $100 to$150. I have a 25 year old Folstaff and this is far more rigid plus it is a hell of a lot easier to collapse. In about 20 minutes in my shop I can make a tether that attaches to the screw head with a clip that attaches to my wading belt. Or I can attach the tether to the provided ring and still use it as a monopod. Either way it is a useful device at a ridiculously low price.

    I have seen these advertised on line anywhere from $15-$35 and have handled similar models in camera stores that go over $100. Carbon fiber models can run twice that. If you only use it for a monopod and trekking pole I'm pretty sure you will get your moneys worth. In June I'll put it to work as a wading staff and let you know how that works out.

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    Actually, it is a telescoping wading staff with a camera mount ....

    They sell them at fly shops for $755.00. They also sell them at photo outlets for around a 100 bucks.

    However, the best deal is at Costco where they go for $49.99.... :D

    (good idea for a wading staff)
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