What is the REAL cost of a boat?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Pieter Salverda, Dec 14, 2007.

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    Pardon me in advance if I upset some people, but who cares!

    It's recreation, you are supposed to get just as much enjoyment as you put into it. Yes, I am sore and tired after rowing all day letting my buds fish, but that's my choice. I have one boat in the shop for repairs and a major reworking, another stillwater project 75% complete and this are things I enjoy.

    Don't put 30k into a boat if you are only going to complain about how much it costs. If this is the case you propably can't afford it in the first place. Find a friend that has one offer him a bottle of Crown and pay for the gas. You will enjoy it much more and you won't have to make the payments.

    Let the bashing commence!
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    YAMAHA all the way... 2 or 4 stroke. Wouldn't worry too much about the age - more the past use and maintenance. I'd stick with 2 stroke if it's anything under 15hp... but it seems that with the new emissions laws most outboards are 4 stroke now. nice and quiet and clean burning i guess, but the smaller ones are so heavy!
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    Lots of 15-16' boats are stable enough to fish two guys, and they won't drain your bank account.
    Two ideas about keeping it in your driveway:
    1. Aluminum can stand up to being left out in the weather. Glass will eventually have issues.
    2. Outboard motors are a big target for thieves. You'll want the best lock money can buy, or a motor light enough to take off and put inside.
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    Hikepat - to answer your question about 4 strokes. I like the cleaner aspect they offer and the increased mileage. It's all the extra moving parts I'm not so happy about. If the new Etec's can match the emissions and mileage tests plus the all important test of time then that's the direction I'll head.

    I'm actually thrilled about the advances that the 4 strokes have brought to the marketplace.

    Back to the thread - there's a lot of joy to be had from a small outboard skiff. Just be sure to change the impeller every 2 years no matter how little you use it, make sure you flush it with fresh water every time, spray the block with wd-40 from time to time (especially the hard to reach bolts near the bottom of the cowling), rinse the trailer extra well each time, and USE the BOAT!


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    My fifty year old wooden rowboat initially cost me a dollar to purchase. I have a few hundred hours of restoration in it now, and at least a thousand bucks in materials and related costs. And there is still more left to finish on the danged thing!:eek: By the time that I get done with it I will be so jaded I will probably just sell the thing off- at a loss -and thus avoid hauling it in and out,getting it wet, repairing scraping and painting etc...The only thing dumber than a boat is the guy who is working on it and paying for it.

    Hey Ross! I got a bottle of Crown if you got the time to row...

    Pieter... you might do better by getting yourself a nice stable rowboat for starters, a dory or skiff, maybe 16 foot. You start out that way, learning the way to handle seas and winds and tides etc- by hand and feel, and even by smell. You learn to read charts and follow the tide and current tables and plot a simple course with a compass. If you get good at that you will have a solid foundation for moving up to bigger boats and motors, more power etc. Great little book called: "First You Have To Row A Little Boat" All about learning seamanship. Puget Sound is not to be trifled with. We have some dramatic currents and wind conditions, vertical chop and mixed seas. And we have a huge vessel traffic system with inbound and outbound tankers, freighters, tugs and barges, cruise ships, submarines and destroyers and aircraft carriers, and all of those idiots in their overpowered, oversized weekend mega boats. You need to grow into this culture safely. Seriously, get a small rowing boat, maybe with the capacity for a fifteen to twenty five horse outboard, but learn to manage things by your own steam for starters. You will learn to take fewer stupid risks, you will catch more fish. You will enjoy the peace and quiet of fishing smaller waters so much that you will forget to start the motor at all. Look up the US Power Squadrons and US Coast Guard Auxiliary in your area for boater safety and skills education.
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    everyone should be required to start with a small boat.
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    For what it's worth, here are some common things no one thinks about that you will need to worry about if you buy a new boat with a 2 stroker and kicker over a 5 year period. This is my experience so it may very from boat to boat.

    2 stroke premix.
    bi yearly spark plug changes, more if you use elcheapo premix
    1 tube marine grade grease per year
    1 - 5 grease gun adapter nozzles
    1 grease gun
    1 tube trailer bearing grease and a trailer bearing rebuild yearly if you tow a lot
    12 cans of wd 40 or marine use equivalent per year
    1 can of flogging lubricant per year. (if stored outside in winter)
    1 can of silicone engine protectant per year. (if stored outside in winter)
    1 can of fuel treatment per year. (if stored outside in winter)
    1 gallon of boat wash soap per year
    1-2 cans of bilge cleaner per year
    1 bilge pump rebuild kit per 5 years
    1 trailer rewiring kit per 1 - 5 years
    1 boat light set per 1 -5 years
    2 earmuffs for garden hose hookup to outboards per 5 years
    1-3 bottles of vinyl protectant cleaner depending on interior per year
    1- 5 cans of carpet cleaner per year.
    1 pack replacement flares per 2 years.
    1 outboard seal and gasket kit rebuild kit every 5 years
    1 bottle of gel coat cleaner and polish per year
    1 large bottle of windex window cleaner per year
    1 throttle cable assembly per 5 years
    1 set of trailer tires per 1 - 5 years
    1 set of trailor tie down straps per 3 years
    fire extinguisher maintenence (depends on system)
    1 radio
    batteries for radio if handheld
    1 repair kit for hull gelcoat (varies)
    12 - 24 cold beers and Ice (per trip)
    Launch fees per trip
    parking fees per trip
    increased capming fees
    Life vests for up to boats carrying capacity (varies)
    hull bumpers for windy docks or tieing up to other boats
    line or chain for anchor system.
    various anchors for multiple floor types (sand bottom, rock bottom, mud bottom ect...)
    trailor brake pad replacement (varies)
    Towing Vehicle brake pad replacement (will increase from normal use)
    Increased Transmission service for towing vehicle.
    Decreased life of drive train and suspension of towing vehicle
    Decreased fuel economy for towing vehicle

    This is by no means a complete list, This is just what I remember off the top of my head. Others feel free to add to this.
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    That is all great advice. Thank you.