What is your beach fishing setup?

6, 7 and 8-weights, TFO or Teeny TFO rods; floating, intermediate sinking (SA Streamer EXpress, Rio Striper) and extra-fast sinking integrated heads (designed for saltwater with intermediate shooting line). Depends on the time of year as to which ones I use.


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10' GLX Classic 2 piece 6 wt., overweighted with an 8 wt. Orvis Clear Intermediate, Orvis Mach 4 reel with 200 yards of 20#, Kennebec collapsible stripping basket and a box of assorted flies. I pin the zinger with nippers and hemostat to my waders so that the salt doesnt damage my fly vest of the rest of my gear. You should'nt need to replace too many lost flies in the salt so why bother with a vest. I sometimes use a milk crate to stand on for added height, even though Im 5'10" mY buddy uses a step ladder and gives a better view and keeps more line off the water and bangs out 100' casts.
Some great information here, but I have a couple of questions:

1. None of you mention tippets. Length, test?

2. Most of my Coho beach, lower river fishing has been up in B.C. There just about everyone uses intermediate sink (clear) lines. I surmise you are using the Rio Outbound lines in order to make long casts to pods of fish. We didn't do that in B.C. Are you using clear lines...does Rio make a clear intermediate sink in the outbound series?

3. 6-weight rods? Wow! All of our fishing is done with 8 weight rods up there.

Thanks guys....great tread!
My latest favorite is a Fenwick 8' 7-8wt fiberglass rod with Pflueger Medalist 1495 or 1495 1/2 with WF8 floating, intermediate, and fast sink shooting heads or shortened full lines. Sometimes I'll fish a 6 or 7wt if my expectation is smaller fish. I usually tie my own leaders varying in length and ending in tippets of 8 to 12lb Maxima. I also usually use a stripping basket.

Rod : Sage TCR 691-4
Reel : Galvan Torque T6
Line : Rio Outbound 7 weight intermediate head with floating line
Leader : 5-7 feet of level (no taper) 10 lb clear maxima
Fly: Shock and Awe 80% of the time (I love this fly)

I have done A LOT of gear testing over the last three years and (for me) this is the perfectly dialed in setup for salmon. The TCR paired up with an overweighted outbound gets me 90' with no problem. If I really concentrate and hit a good cast I can send the entire line out to the backing. I am no expert caster either. This is a case of technical achievement in rod and line design. It's not me - put my other 6 weight in my hand and I am lucky to cast over 50'.

I just love standing shoulder to shoulder with the gear guys and outcasting them.
7 wt 10' Redington CPS with an Orvis Mach 3 reel, RIO outbound floater or an outbound type 6 intermediate.
7/8 wt 10' Beulah switch rod with an SA 8/9/10 large arbor reel, Rio outbound floater or an outbound clear tip intermediate.
8 wt 9' TFO tichr-x with a Tioga 8 magnum reel, Rio clouser line or 28' of T-14.

On the floaters I use poly leaders with mono tippet. On the sinkers I use fluro leaders and tippet.
Rod: TFO Ticr 7wt 9'
Reel: Okuma SLV 7/8 (great reel for the money)
Line: Either SA air cel wf8f or Cortland clear Wf7i
I use ~8' 2-3x leader/tippet
Rod: 10 ft. Native Run GLX
Reel: Nautilus NV 6/7
Line: Either an SA Streamer Express or Rio Outbound Intermediate
Tippet: A one piece 9 ft. flourocarbon to 3X

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I am using a 6wt Sage Launch and an Echo Large Arbour reel w/ Rio WF full sinking intermediate Lake line. I'm not sure its the most effective rig but it does get me into the pinks. Just wondering what do the rest of you seasoned beach fishers and pink chasers use?
Why don't you think it's an effective rig? That's a great beach fishing setup! The only thing that I would do maybe a little differently is add an Outbound or Airflo 40+ floating line.

Oh, and you need (a must!) a hard stripping basket, if you want to cast for distance and control your line.

Otherwise, you're in great shape!:cool:

My gear:

Sage 690-5SP w/Bauer M4SL
Sage 691-4TCR w/Baue M3 (interchanges with the M4SL)
Loomis GLX 1086 (9' 6 wt) w/Galvan Torque 6 (this is the best outfit of the bunch)

I have lots of different lines with the Bauers; I think 5 extra spools. I'm probably going to simplify things to a looped shooting head system or integrated heads. I have a couple now, and they are pretty awesome.