What is your best Beach for Silvers?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Guillaume, Aug 27, 2005.

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    Dec 28, 2003
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    Dear Josh,

    You were right 1000% Blabbing about specific places in a Pugetropolis of millions of people to every dork with a computer is very much like offering your wife to someone (or everyone) else.

  2. Jefe Oso

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    "It is like saying hey my wife is great, everyone should sleep with her."

    Bingo Josh.

    I had a good day fishing for SRC last year but didn’t give up the location, you would have thought I had personally insulted the ancestors of everyone in the group by their scathing responses. So be it life goes on.
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    Feb 2, 2004
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    Olympia, WA.
    The best beach in the entire Puget Sound is that one with the gravel beach, those overhanging maple trees and that bulkhead around the point. You can't miss it, it has that little feeder stream and those sea gulls always hang out there. The current rips their during out going tide and man do the fish stack up there. Man, I have had a blast their last year and c&r's about 25 coho in a day. ;)
    I couldn't resist....
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    Nov 2, 2003
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    Seattle, WA, USA.
    I respect others and how they share information; it is their prerogative.
    My reason for sharing this information is to help out; for those who don’t have the time or resources it can be a great short cut and get them some quality fishing time, especially if they have family and don’t get to fish as much. Yes, they can get a Map and do some research, but tell that to the guy who works 60 hours a week to support his family and trying to spend some quality time, sure he can sacrifice a little sleep to find a hole that’s not even a secret just to find out he needs to be home to take the kids to soccer practice.

    Before I list some of the areas, I just wanted to vent or express my thoughts.
    I am really sick and tired of the greed I witness daily, the lack of etiquette, manners and general respect. People claiming certain parts of the water as to their own or it’s only for their clique (this applies to fly and gear fishermen).
    To the label whores. Just because you have the best gear, it doesn’t make you better. I am lucky enough to be privileged to have good gear and not have to worry about the cost, but I have been out fished by many; from Freddy’s bargain rod to the best. It’s not the equipment that makes the man and if you believe that, then you must have low self esteem, and should ask your mom for a hug and some self assurance that you may be lacking.
    I say teach and share and you will get less of the rambunctious crowd in time.
    One of the main reasons I have witnessed as to why people don’t like to share is not only because of crowds (soon or later they will show anyways, no matter how secret you think it is) but they fear competition and comradely. Please don’t just blame snagging, littering, rudeness or any other excuses; as it is now this shit happens every day, no matter what!

    It’s not a habit of mine to divulge so called sensitive areas on the internet but I will share knowledge of certain particular area.
    It’s not a secret, I really don’t care if other fly guys show up, as it is now, it gets plenty of gear guys just down the corner who snag and fish legally.
    I have only seen a few fly fishermen in the past 8 years. Some years are incredible (30 plus fish in an hour, and you can see them swim by in hundreds, back and fourth); other times, I wonder why I am wasting my time at all.
    You can thank the Muckleshoot in part for this great opportunity, as well as curse at them when they stretch the net in front of you as you cast. I am hoping for a good year but the past few years have been dismal at best. I target this area around mid Sept to late October, but every thing is dependent on the season (I pray this will be a good year).

    I really don’t want to hear any gripe from people saying this was a great hole/secret till I let it out of the bag; because that’s not the case. I live up the road and I have been fishing here only with the gear guys and a few fly guys once in a blue moon.

    Myrtle Edwards Park- All the way from Pier 70 down to Pier 90(especially the inlet in late fall when and if the fish show up.)
    If you can cast from the rocks, without gouging the eyes and head of the runners and walkers along the trail you should be fine. I prefer the Pier 90 inlet since they concentrate in here; a lot of them will die in here as well, they have no river to call home other then the drain at the end. Near pier 70 can be good at times.
    There is a fishing pier (pier 86) near by as well.

    For those of you, who have never caught a King on a fly rod, try Hoodsport.
    Although the season is pretty much over, they get a great run of kings in front of the hatchery. A lot like the Chum run, without the Asshole or at least not as many.
    Again, you need to be there at the right time but when they come in, well let’s just say getting your limit is not a problem if that is what you wish.
    If you are interested look me up for next years run.

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    Apr 26, 2004
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    Is this area open? Inner Elliott Bay regs? Curious.

    June 16-June 30 Catch-and-release. Open only north of a line from Point Monroe to Meadow Point.
    Handling Rule in effect for all SALMON.
    July 1-Sept. 30 No min. size. Daily limit 2 (combined) plus 2 additional PINK. Release CHINOOK.
    Handling Rule in effect for CHINOOK. Release CHUM Aug. 1-Sept. 15. Handling Rule
    in effect for CHUM Aug. 1-Sept. 15. See Duwamish Waterways Special Rules on
    previous page. See Shilshole Bay Closure on previous page. See Elliott Bay
    closures below. See Inner Elliott Bay Fishery and Sinclair Inlet Fishery below.
    Oct. 1-Oct. 15 No min. size. Daily limit 2 (combined). Release CHINOOK. Handling Rule in effect for
    CHINOOK. See Duwamish Waterways Special Rules on previous page.
    Oct. 16-Nov. 30 CHINOOK - min. size 22”. Other SALMON species - no min. size. Daily limit 2
    (combined). No more than 1 CHINOOK may be retained. See Duwamish Waterways
    Special Rules on previous page.
    Dec. 1-Jan. 31 CHINOOK - min. size 22". Other SALMON species - no min. size. Daily limit 1. See
    Agate Pass Closure on previous page.

    Inner Elliott Bay Fishery
    (see below)
    July 8 - Noon Aug. 22
    Open Fridays through
    Mondays ONLY,
    except closes Noon
    Aug. 22.
    CLOSED AFTER NOON MONDAY AUGUST 22. CHINOOK - min. size 22". Other
    SALMON species - no min. size. Daily limit 2 (combined) plus 2 additional PINK.
    Release CHUM Aug. 1-Sept. 15. Handling Rule in effect for CHUM Aug. 1-Sept.
    15. See Elliott Bay closure below. See Duwamish Waterways Special Rules on
    previous page.

    Elliott Bay Fishing Pier at Terminal
    86, Seacrest Pier, Waterman Pier,
    Bremerton Boardwalk, Illahee State
    Park Pier
    Year-round CHINOOK - min. size 22". Other SALMON species - no min. size. Daily limit 2
    (combined). No more than 1 CHINOOK may be retained. Release CHUM
    Aug. 1-Sept. 15.
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    Oct 5, 2001
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    Seattle, WA, USA.
    Lots of great comments here regarding restraint on giving out great fishing spots.

    A case in point: I was teaching a buddy about fishing from beaches, and drove by a public beach I've fished for years, and asked him not to share it with anyone. He got a little irritated, and responded "Hey, it's a public beach, and anyone could go there". But after I pointed out that there were may be 2 good spots to fish and it could only accommodate maybe 4 fisherpersons, and no one was fishing there and it was listed as a spot to fish on Kaufmann's board or in the Seattle Times, he then understood.

    A few years ago I read a fishing report posted by a guy who was crowing about the best two days of dry fly fishing he's ever had. He was ecstatic about the amount and quality of fish that he caught, and that he encountered only one or two people during the time he fished. I was a more than a little dismayed at his posting because, although the water was public and written up in some fly fishing books, it wasn't heavily fished, and I enjoyed the water for precisely the reasons he stated. Now several hundred of his closest online friends knew about it. He obviously didn't connect that maybe the lack of people and his fishing experience were somehow related, and when I pointed this out to him (offline), he became resentful and angry. He just didn't get it.

    As someone else noted here, there's a huge difference between soliciting information online for hot spots or information as opposed to obtaining information from someone when you are on the water itself. I suspect you understand the difference, and begrudgingly can admit that Josh was correct, though Josh did state it a little directly and maybe a little harshly. :)

    The point here, a little restraint is important in sharing information, particularly on line. But, it sounds like you already have a pretty good list of places to go or have gone! The best way to find out new places: find others who share your interest, try to spend some time around or with them, hang out at shops that have the similar interests, and invest some time exploring.

    You'll pick up a lot that way (worked/works for me!). That beach-caught coho I BBQ'ed last night sure tasted yummy!

    Fish on!
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    Nov 2, 2003
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    Seattle, WA, USA.
    The way I read the regs, it is.
    (prior years) It seems that the Game warden read it the same way as I, since they asked for my license and asked what I was fishing for.

    I see no difference this year.

    As to this year, I have not fished it yet but plan on it very soon, dependent on the fish.
    I will bring a copy of the regs with me.

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    Olympia, Wa.
    I agree with Calico...there are enough jerks out there flipping gear and staking out their territory...I don't want to be one of them. I fish with the friends I have and the friends I haven't made yet...life's to short.

    Calico...did I see you at hoodsport for the pinks this year? I'll definately look you up for the kings next year.