What kind of boat is this?


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This is pretty vague, but I thought someone here could help!

I recently saw (I think it was on Fly Fishing America the TV show) a small drift boat that looked similar to a duck blind type of boat with the gunwales moved in a few inches from the wider profile of the boat. It had more rocker like a drift boat and the ends were pulled up. It had an overall look of seaworthiness compared to most small driftboats/pram type of boats. It's just one of those things I saw on TV and kept thinking about. Multiple google searches haven't helped me .


This Cabela's boat has the basic look, but like I said, this boat had more of a drift boat rocker and was set up for rowing.:confused::confused:


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It's a duck boat. Oh wait - you've already pointed out that. I would say it was someone's version of a skiff or duck boat.


In search of Blinky...
Sorry, I was trying to say it looks similar in overall shape to a Carsten's Kayak, but shorter and wider like a drift boat and with more rocker. The pic was just to demonstrate what the gunwales looked like.