What size Echo Ion with 7 wt Echo SR?


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Hey all...

Just trying to figure out what sized reel to throw on my Echo SR 7 wt. I already have two dedicated swinging rods (Echo 7 wt and Echo 6 wt) and I feel good about those but I got this switch and intend to use it as my nymph rod. I'll be lining it with a speydicator or Rio Switch line (experience with either? preferences?)...

Should I use an Ion 8/10 or a 10/12? I own other Ion reels in smaller sizes and they're great for the $. I'm looking to keep this purchase reasonable. Thoughts and opinions?
I have a 7wt speydicator on a Scientific Anglers System 2 10/11 and it barely fits. I'm not sure what the capacity of the Ion 8/10 is but the speydicator is a very large line so it's something to consider.


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After talking to a few shops this AM they are pointing me towards the Rio switch line. They both said that the Speydicator is a HUGE/long line. They cut off parts of the running line on it all the time.
You will find that the rio switch line is a liitle long. With a 55' belly i pull about 15' of the belly in to the rod so that I end up with aout 40' that I am casting. Cast/shoots well and gives you a little bit better line control.
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That was what I saw. I figured I could just up line on a nymph taper by two or three weights but the switch line seems like a good way to go. I'll make sure to bring some of the belly in before I begin my cast.