WHAT TFO Switch Rod should I choose?

+1 on the cork sealer. The rods are better than average but the cork isn't very good. It has a tendency to pit early so I suppose they use a lot of filler in the handles. The components aren't top quality, either but the blanks are nice.


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I'll agree with the cork issues. On the other hand, I personally don't notice that stuff too much. Sure, it'd be nice if it was a little better quality. But overall, I don't think about cork too much when I'm fishing. It's more one of those "things you think about when you are looking at a rod in the garage".


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agreeing with above, great rods with below average corks. For the D I'd get the 6. Just because of wind. Allows use of a bigger fly/heavier tip too.
Meiser designed blanks are caster's rods, they don't like mullocking. None of them.