What Weight Compact Skagit Head

Jim Darden

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I have a 10 ft single handed rod that I want to put a compact skagit on so I can sppey cast with it. What weight compact skagit head would you recommend? I was thinking 350 grain but I don't want to buy a bunch of heads trying to guess my way through this. I'd rather it be towards the heavy side, I don't want to use tips with ti, either a straight leader or poly tip. It occurrs to me that this might not cast worth a crap. What do you guys think?]
What line weight is the ten foot rod, Jim? You might start with a compact skagit about two numbers lower than your rod.

BTW, you can spey cast it with its present line, though perhaps not to great distance.


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I have a 10'6" beulah switch that i cast single handed spey with, using their scandi line no problem. Its the elixer line and comes in multiple grain weights. If your not throwing hheavy tips just go with a scandi line.. It will throw poly tips and be easier casting than a skagit IMO. good luck. what weight rod are you talking about?

Connor H

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I agree with LD. The wulff ambush is my favorite single handed spey line. You can roll cast a country mile, and still fling it overhead when you have the room. Give it a shot

Jim Darden

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Sorry...I can't believe that I forgot to mention the 10 ft rod I have is correctly listed as a 7 wt single hander.......
Does that mean I should be looking at a 5wt Ambush line?
The reason I was thinking compact skagit was to give me a short head to make for a smaller D-loop.
Guys....thanks for the input. I would infer from the comments that the "Ambush" line is already uplined in weight so that you can spey cast it with a 7 wt single handed rod, that is just what I was looking for. Life would be much easier if they just sized all spey rods in grains and kept the single handed rods sized in line weight like they currently do. A 7wt spey rod doesn't relate to a 7 wt single handed rod in any way that I understand.
I'm not too familiar with the ambush lines although it would probably be the route I would go. That said, any line (aside from something super front heavy like a bass taper line) two or three line weights heavier should do a nice job. You should shoot for between 300 and 350 grains. I had a 7wt 10' "switch" rod years ago that I used a 300 gr 30' line on and it Spey cast really nicely.