What wt line do you use on the Lower Yak???

Greg Price

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I have 2 6wts and one 4 wt.

Most of time, especially in summer the 6wts get a workout. Large flies like a hopper/dropper on one rod and a multiple nymph rig on the other. I have a nymph type line that turns over easy in the high winds/big water that works well. I have not tries much streamer fishing because I enjoy the extended semi natural drifts that can be accomplished fishing from the drift boat on the Yak.

4wt gets use when small dry flies come out - but that does not happen very often when I fish the water.
I'll pick up my 6wt when I through the big flies if I have it with me and rigged up. But the 5wt rods seem to do all around a good job on the Lower Canyon for me no metter what flies I am throwing. When drifting I generally keep 5 wt rods on both sides of the boat ready to go.

Alex MacDonald

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I'd also consider a 6-wt switch on the lower Yak. It allows me to cover more ground with streamers and a Spey cast. Besides, I really like to pretend I'm back in the glen...


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I even use the 6 weight up river around cle elum too. 3 weight for dries and the 6 weight for streamers are my usual weapons of choice on the Yak. I have a 5 weight but generally don't use it on the Yak, it is a very undergunned 5 (8'3" DS). I save it for smaller waters like the forks of the snoqualmie and lake fishing.
OK - I picked up a Redington Pursuit 9' 6wt. I want to set it up for streamers so now the question is what type of line works best? What do you guys use??



Joe Streamer
I use both a full intermediate/clear line and a short 10' or 15' (I forget the exact length of the sinking portion) type 6 sink tip. If you don't want to buy both, a type 3 sink tip is a good compromise.