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My wife and I just made the transition from Seattle to Bellingham. So it's time to find some new local waters up here under the shadow of Mt. Baker. Has anyone heard anything about Squalicum lake? I've been told that it's flyfishing only water. I would appreciate any reports or experiences.
Another question. I was looking into buying a cheaper reel for a spare line that I have. Can anyone tell me there take on plueger fly reels? Thank you in advance for any responses.

P.S. How does one get a hold of the logo for this website. Are there stickers or hats or other cool merchandise? :)
I haven't fished Squalicum Lake yet, but went to check it out the other day on my way home from the Nooksack. The access is on Y -road, right near SR 542. Basically, you park in front of someones house on a gravel turnout, walk up their driveway which leads to a state-right-of-way, and from there it's a short hike to the lake. You will need a float tube or boat as there is no shore access. It is open year round, flyfishing only. I understand the lake has many trout, but they run on the smaller side. See you up there this Spring.

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I'd make the drive down to Pass Lake or Cranberry. It's a nice trip down Chuckanut Drive. Check the regs for Pass.

You'll need a boat / tube / pontoon to fish it.


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Welcome to Bellingham! I have spent a weeks worth of hours on Squalicum Lake. It is a great place to head to right after work to get lost for a few hours. The "bite" is not heavy, but does exist. You will most likely catch 10-12" bows and cuts, however, I have hooked into fish over 14"! Anything over 12 will most likely be a bow or nice brown. Late summer hit the lake at dusk with dries...great fun casting to rise rings. funny thing about this lake is if it is slightly windy in Bellingham...it is gusting on the lake! It is fly fishing only all year, with limit of 2, and normally you will be alone or in the company of 3-4 other anglers.

I might head out on the Nooksack this weekend and try for a steelhead, or possibly the South Fork. If you are interestd I could show you some of the areas to go around here (no expert, but it is not easy being the new guy in town...I know I'm a transplant as well!)?
I had a chance to fish Squalicum last year in January...just had to try out the new float tube you know. Froze my butt in the process. We (one other gent and myself) only managed three small cutts and one rainbow around 12 inches on Squalicum. If you are talking about going out now I would second the suggestion to make the drive to Pass lake. Squalicum is gusty and the fish are small. Not to mention the all around scenery is better on Pass, I prefer to look at trees instead of pastures given the choice. That said, I imagine Sq. would be a really fun place in the summer, like someone said earlier, casting to risers must be fun. Good luck.

There is also some good opportunities for salmon in Bellingham bay in the fall. Try Sandy Point. You might also try Lost lake up on Chuckanuck Mt. I've never fished it, but I've heard its got some big cutts.
Hey ghost, no luck up on the Skagileto--or anywhere else for that matter, and you?. I have not been fishing as much as I usaully do either, so thats my fault.

Starting to think about trout and wet wading--


Yeah, I was the "gent" who fished with Steelyblue that cold day. We did freeze our cahones off, but did get some decent chinese food in town to make the trip worthwhile. As a matter of fact, we had some ass-kissing waiter who we named jokingly: "The Moo Goo Guy," as he would not let us order anything but Moo Goo Gai Pan.

Back to the subject. South of Mt. Vernon is a lake called 16 lake. The secret squirrel report says that its a winner. Steelyblue's report says that it is on private property. I suggest you bring bottle of wine and a smile keep your knees bent.


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As for the hats / stickers, ect.. They are in the works. The first run looks good but the hat quality isn't what I was looking for. Soon to be available and I'd imagine I'll make it pretty apparent when they are.


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I know of a lake by that name and it is not on private property. It is a stocked lake and it opens on the general lakes opener some time in April. It has a good access,no motors except electric. And about for two weeks after the opener it is a bait show and then the pressure drops off and then the good fishing starts. It has cutts and rainbow and if any thing else I don't know. There's houses on the south side but nothing on the north side,but I haven't been there for a few years so I really can't say.



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Lake Sixteen is a wonderful little lake. You are correct Old Man, for the first few weeks after the opener it is full of power baiters. Then it becomes an underfished lake. The fish have started to key in on the natural foods and the power baiters stop catching them. Most of the bait crowd quit fishing the lake thinking it is fished out. Those few fly fishers that know the lake know better and armed with woolley buggers, chironomids, damsel nymphs, ect. continue to catch fish here well into summer.