What's a good battery size for my pontoon's motor?

Rick Sharp

Active Member
I have a 30# thrust minn kota motor for the back of my toon to use in large lakes, most of my intended use will be to move from spot to spot or travel not trolling or constant runtime. Has anyone ever tried the smaller type batteries like the ones sold for lawnmowers and such?
I don't really want to use a 40# auto battery.

Ed Call

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I have a lawnmower battery and 30# thrust minn kota. I tested mine from a full charge to running on medium constantly one time just to assess how long of a run time it provided. I ran mine for at least 1.25 hours, maybe a bit longer, before it sputtered and died. I figure when I'm not inteneding to troll that this would afford me all the run time I might need, your needs might vary.