What's a good steelhead setup for White Salmon/Klickitat?

Looking at buying my first steelhead setup. Just wanted to see what others have been doing to find success on the White Salmon and Klickitat? Not looking for your secret spots, or your secret weapon for catching them. Just general info. It'd be much appreciated!

Bonus points if you live in White Salmon (or surrounding areas) and want to show a newbie the ropes on the local rivers.
My reel is a sage 1680 and I have the Rio versitip set up. all 8/9wt. My rod is an 8/9 9'er. Nothing special, just an ugly stik (yes they do make fly rods). The entire set up is under $400.


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Covering water, the more water you cover the better your chances. Gotta find fish before you can catch them...bringing one to hand means you've found one, others may be lurking close by.

Klickitat's ugly today and likely to remain so for the next few days, too much heat.

If you're considering fly gear for these tribs I suggest NOT going lighter than an 8/9 setup. Never know what you'll hook around here...summer chinook or pig steelhead??
I think the klick is best in mid Sept to the end of Oct.. not to hot to muddy it up. rattle snakes are sleeping, poison oak is al but gone.. good time for sure... My father in law was down river from fisher hill drifting eggs and caught a 4 ft sturgeon...... Now that is a fristdrifting for strugeon. LOL


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Never fished the White Salmon, but on the Klickitat I used a 9' 7 wt I built from a blank I bought at that shop in Woodland, a Hardy Princess reel, with a WF7F SA line fishing a size 6 Spade. Seemed like a good set up.

Appreciate all the help! I'll swing into the Gorge Fly Shop tomorrow and see what they say as well. If you're a Gorge local and ever need someone to fish with, let me know.