What's in your vise?

The Double PLM:

Two Gamakatsu B10S hooks, size 4... connected with 30lb white fireline, 6 red glass beads.

The back hook: White Rabbit over the back, UV krinkle flash? underneath the rabbit. Body is cactus chenille, ribbed with UV Polar Dub.

The front hook: A repeat of the back hook; with more UV krinkle flash tied in at the head and olive baitfish emulator over the back. This one is weighted with 8ish wraps of .035 Lead Free Wire for a bit of weight to keep it under the surface.

Finished with super glue (the only acceptable adhesive!!) and 3/16" pearlescent eyes. Covered in Loon UV gel. Also usually covered in teeth marks.
I took this one off my blog. I call it the Identity Crisis. Haven't tied any in a while. Steelhead love em'!
Salmon River_10_9_12 010.jpg

Hook : 3407 Mustad Oshaughnesy (or whatever short shank you prefer)
Bead: Medium sized egg color (orange or pink) or purple.
Tail: Vernille (orange, pink)
Body: Estaz chenille (usually black)
Weight: If you want it.
You can think up any color combo you like. I've tried a couple of different ones. This combo (picture above) bangs em!
Steelhead takes down and across but especially broadside swings really piss them of and get a response.