What's in your vise?

Been thinking about these, mostly for lakes where I might want to fan a shoreline. But I'm betting it could be a nice smallie pattern too.
Tied on larger hooks it's a sweet bass pattern for when they're crashing bait. It's a neat pattern for fishing smaller streams where browns or other big-mouthed trout hang out. Very natural look, lots of movement, can be tied very naturally... which can work well in small, often clear rivers where you often don't want to reach for that black gaudy sex dungeon. Of course for our rivers out here it can be a sweet representation of trout, salmon, or whitefish fry for chasing our wet side fish.
[QUOTE="jasmillo, post: 1338081, member: 6622 I was thinking they would be good during chum fry time. Do you fish that pattern year-round?


Absolutely! One of my favorite flies.

I have experimented with various similar stuff for chum fry but haven't nailed down a winner just yet
sketch-1512574173332.png Seems I told a ly, no pike fly or #32 flies yet, had a look yesterday on another site how a swap was going, grabbed the last place as well cos' i had wolly wing mayflies sitting at his place already for I swap that died! Save on postage, have to ty more of these for myself, think trout will like em!