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    Almost all the guys I run into on our area's "blue ribbon destinations" look to be between 20 and 40 years of age. Most of them don't look like rich kids, I just wish some of them would bend their Yankees hats. I wouldn't be surprised if a drift boat went by on the Bitterroot blasting "dubstep".... Over the last several years I have seen the industry try way, way too hard to market gear towards these "extreme" young bucks. All that AEG Badass Intercontinental Euro Metrosexual Fish Bro Trout Bum stuff turned me on to vintage/used gear, which definitely didn't help the industry.
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    Agreed, but it still seems purposeful and image based.

    I think for a lot of reasons, the "extreme" young bucks are going to be more likely to be interested in fishing than a lot of other groups. I grew up skateboarding and snowboarding. I know I'm not the only one on here that was. I had always enjoyed fishing, but it wasn't until I blew out my knee while snowboarding (I tried to jump a 60 foot gap, but my board only wanted to go 57 feet) that I became more interested in fishing. It was the perfect sport for someone who considered himself to be adventurous, willing to drive, and unafraid of sub-optimal conditions. In skateboarding and snowboarding, I loved watching the weather conditions and constantly exploring for new areas and new information. It wasn't a difficult transition to fishing. In either sport, you plan the day before trying to maximize your chances of success and you're glued to the forecasts, but really, you don't have any idea how the day is going to turn out, and that's where the fun is. Just like I read water these days, I used to read snow and concrete. A lot of fly-fishermen I meet now come from similar interests. I agree that this group is definitely more "extreme." They seem to be much less likely to be inspired by the history and literature of the sport, and more likely to be trolling the internet, watching 'ski-edit' style video teasers, and tying big, dirty streamers. On the river, you won't see em' because they're 2 miles downstream of the access looking for a 'secret' spot.
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    All good stuff mentioned...

    Could the real reason be the decline of "recruitment" of new fly fishers - the teens to 30-somethings??

    Lets face it this group of people need to leave the couch or gaming chair.

    Today's demands have certainly changed us...it gonna take a self-conscious effort on our part.