Whats your favorite Fly

Size 16 parachute adams. I agree that it is usually easier to catch large fish below the surface, so I don't fish it as often as other flies, but when they are hitting on the surface it's hard to find a better all around productive fly. Nothing like catching trout on dries.

Eric Denny

Summer is over but I'm still fishing!!
Wow we only got a couple pic's I guess some of the readers feel like this is talking about there favorite spot and if they say what there favorite fly is then they might be giving up to much information.lol

Rick Todd

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Well....it used to be variations on the venerable Renegade (still a favorite...sooo versatile....wet or dry), but I've come to rely on the Olive Willy. I don't know what fish 'think' it is, other than 'food'.

I don't fish dryflies much anymore...I agree with Denny Rickard that it's mostly smaller fish that hit most dryflies....the larger fish focus on the larger food 'packets'....sub-aquatic insects and minnows....on lakes, anyway.

Unless there's a serious hatch on, I don't think flies that attempt to mimic a single aquatic insect are worth a shit....Except for catching fishermen. Anything that's suggestive of food, thrown in the right place at the right time, to unspooked feeding fish, does the trick. A decent cast, proper positioning, and a leader/tippet appropriate for conditions is far more important than pattern, IMHO.
I have to disagree about dry flies and big fish (at the right time!) Here is a cutthroat from the Yak this spring on a Amy's Ant floater
Ricky on the Yak 007.jpg

and here is a nice bow from the Missouri last October on a black foam beetle

and this bad boy took a Moorish hopper on the Methow in July a few years ago


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ive seen that methow pic before rick, amazing fish. since about 80% of my fishing for the year is dry flies for big westslopes my favorite fly ever is a tie between a chubby chernoble with a dirty yellow under body and a sparkly gold butt and a size 16 purple haze. other than those any bigass bushy foam dry gets my vote.