Where does the thread go with rotating vises?

Paul Huffman

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Pardon my ignorance, but there's one thing I can't figure out about rotating vises. I haven't used one. Let's see if I can explain it: if you're rotating the vise to wrap on some material like wrapping up a body, what's the tying tread supposed to do? Do you tie it off and hold it off to the front or do you let it wrap too as the fly rotates?
Paul- no ignorance at all. Good question. Myself, I let it wrap up on the hook off to either side of the material in such a manner that it won't tangle with the material you're wrapping. I'm sure there's some folks out there that hold it out to the front, but with upturned, or downturned eyes, they could get in the way I reckon.

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Half hitch it at the eye then hang the bobbin on the bobbin holder.
I believe thats the holders main function.


Matt Burke

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Sometimes I'll let the thread wrap up on the shank. Another thing I'll do with my nor-vise is half hitch to the shank, then drape the bobbin over the post to the right of the vise. Loop eyed up or down, it doesn't matter. Just puts twist in the thread that comes out when it goes back on the dangle.
I have a Renzetti and it has a cradle that swings to the front of the vice. You half hitch the thread, place the thread on the cradle and spin away. Jim.

Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
Do you get in a habit of rotating for nearly everything? Rotate on a hackle? Rotate to tie on material? Rotate when spinning on hair for clipped bodies? Rotate on the head?

Old Man

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It's much easier and you get it on better when you can see all sides as you are tying. Otherwise you only see the one side when you tie the old fashioned way.



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Doing it on the cheap...

You can always create an ugly but functional Do-It-Yourself bobbin cradle with only a wire clothes hanger and a study pair of needle-nosed pliers. Just clip off the hook from the hanger and straighten out the wire. Gripping the wire firmly, spiral two or three turns around the vertical shank of your vise. This part will rest atop the C-clamp or base of the vise. Trim off the excess wire at the bottom of the wire's spiral. With the end of the wire sticking off from the vice, bend the tip into a shape that will cradle thread hung over it. Think of an inverted "W". With the length of the wire, bend it out and then upward (a curve or a 90 degree bend will do), positioning the tip cradle roughly on height with the hook vise. The great ting about this design is that it can easily be swung out of the way when you don't want it sticking out front.

The wire art will look like crap, but think of the money you will have saved. :eek: :eek: :D :rofl: