Where to buy hooks?

So where does everyone get their hooks from? Trying to find that discount or bulk merchant - still want quality though...
Any ideas?

Ed Call

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Sportsman's unless I'm looking for something special, then I hit Peninsula Outfitters. They have had a few types that was seeking. Another forum member showed me some at Sportco in Fife, pretty economical if you are in the area. I'm not one to necessarily tie on a specific pattern hook though, whatever I have that is closest to the hook is what I use. I also buy them in large packs whenever possible so that they are a bit cheaper per hook. I also pick up whatever might be on sale.

I have struggled to find some smallish stinger hooks for articulated steel and salt patterns, anyone know where I might find some of those?

Rob Ast

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Haven't used them myself, but hook&hackle (www.hookhack.com) has been advertising 25 pack of their non-saltwater hooks for $2.95 (plus shipping, or course). Might be worth getting one pack to see the quality, but in general H&H stuff is decent.
I'm not all that picky and I don't think the fish are picky... that said I'm not after the cheap Chinese knock-offs. With things as tight as they are and my need to purchase more hooks in the typical hook styles I'm in need of a new resource.

As for the stinger hooks - I like to use Gamakatsu Octopus in a size 4 - sticky sharp and they are everywhere.

Those Flyshop hook numbers look familiar - Tiemco under a store brand name?

Dr Bob

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I second the Hook & Hackle suggestion. Besides their in-house line they have Mustad and Tiemco at great prices. I just ordered some yesterday. I also buy Targus from All About the Fly. You get 50 hooks for the price of 25 hooks from Tiemco and the quality is excellent.

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I'm not all that picky and I don't think the fish are picky... that said I'm not after the cheap Chinese knock-offs.
i'd just buck up and buy good hooks. the fish are not picky, but you should be, its going suck when you lose the big chromer because you tied in mustads and not gamy's. unless you are commercially tying, your only looking at saving a buck or two, not worth it imo.
In the residential/commercial construction business so I'm sure you can read the writing on my wall...
a penny saved...

I've been tying mainly on Tiemco or Daiichi and they hold up for the most part - just trying to find the best source for the best money. Being from Bellingham all of my options are e-commerce, mail order or drive time.


Sculpin Enterprises
I have bought hooks several times from the the fishguy. Service was fast and orders were always just what I wanted. In fact, I need to do an inventory and see what needs to be restocked for the winter tying binges.