Where to fish on Friday?


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It stopped snowing. The pass is open. But go to WSDOT Statewide Traveler Information. This site will give you everything you need to know about driving in Washington.

Thanks Jim;

Slowly, but surely I am learnering this internet thing out. It does have alot of nice info on it.

Ed Call

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If you want your mail delivered you should tell me where your going. I am in a meeting Friday but hoping to get out of it. Need to hook up with you and go fish. I like this side just as well. Got lots of stillwater to explore. When is that bridge gonna close? I-90 bridge is closing for a time next month, but not as bad as yours. BTW, anything you want me to say the Postmaster General? LOL
We do need to fish again! You do not need to deliver my mail, your role is certainly not the one that is deficient here. Change of local carrier equals total degredation of services. My local postmaster has not impressed, but I think without any further bashing everyone gets the thrust behind my face to face fly swap...

The Hood Canal Bridge will close at 12:01 May 1st according to the last report I read and is anticipated to be closed from 6 to 8 weeks. That will make exploring other lakes in Kistap or Mason the plan of attack.

Let me know if you get out of that meeting, we could meet at a variety of places.


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Too bad about the H/C bridge. How long is that supposed to last? Have you fished Anderson Lake, up around Port Townsend? It has a weird, though interesting season:

ANDERSON LAKE (Jefferson Co.) ALL SPECIES - internal combustion motors prohibited.
All Game Fish Last Sat. in Apr.-Aug. 31 Statewide min. size/daily limit.
TROUT Sept.1-Oct. 31 Catch-and-release. Selective gear rules.
Other Game Fish Sept.1-Oct. 31 Statewide min. size/daily limit. Selective gear rules.

I suspect they do it this way, because those last two months are usually when the feed bag starts to get put on.

--Dave E.

Ed Call

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I've not been to that particular Jefferson County lake. I plan to explore that area much after the bridge reopens. That is a strange season breakdown, not sure what drives that but I fish selective gear and catch and release nearly all the time anyway.

Rob Ast

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Although Anderson has the late season catch and release it has been closed earlier in the summer the last 2 years due to toxic algae blooms. Don't bank on the late season.

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I fish selective gear and catch and release .

When did you start using gear. Selective gear is any gear with single hook with the barb pinched down. Like spinners and spoons and plugs.

Here, I thought that you were just a flyfisherman. See what happens when I think. bawling:bawling: