Where to fish?

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    Jan 5, 2013
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    I'll be in central Montana (Lewistown) the last week of September. I've fished Spring Creek there before but would like to expand my horizons this time. It's about 200 miles down to the Bighorn at Ft. Smith and I wondered if that might be a good choice.
    I could also go back past Great Falls to the Missouri. I'll be out there for about 5 days but my wife would stay at Lewistown visiting her 93 year old dad while I drove to my fishing destination and stayed in a motel
    the night prior to fishing. I would like to float with a guide if on one of the big rivers. I also could walk and wade if I had information on where to try this also. Closer to Lewistown would be cool too.
    Any insights or suggestions are very much appreciated. I'd love to catch a big brown!:eek: