Where to go, where to go?

A friend is coming to visit from out of state, obviously to go fishing. We could go to the Sky, or maybe even the Skagit, but then again, he'd probably like to actually catch a fish. Any ideas or reports? Anybody been on the coast? Is the Yakima Fishing. Pass Lake, Lone? Any beaches for SRC? I'm willing to go just about anywhere in the state, as long as I don't have to build a snow cave to sleep in.
I read a recent report on a different website and he caught
7 rainbows between 12" inches and 18" inches and a 25" inch brown trout at pass lake.He was using a intermediate sinking
line with a bead head wooly bugger leting it sink for 10 to 30
seconds then strip it a few times then let sink again use the
countdown method so you can figure out were the trout are.
He also said to fish the first hour of darkness after the sun goes down.GOOD LUCK. :THUMBSUP
the blackmouth is HOT right now in manchester. been catching them with fast action. not like years before. manchester dock has blood stains with some pretty large scales next to it for the few locals who go out. or go to cowlitz for a day. might be a nice road trip. Ben


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Lots of hatchery fish in the Skagit. Cascade river hatchery reporting 60 or more fish a day showing up. The Skagit is running low and clear through out the system Perfect conditions for swinging flies.

Fished the 24th and the 25th. One 7 or 8 pound hatch brat on the 24th, 2 dollies on the 25th before reel broke and I had to go home.

The Skagit could be a good choice if you are willing to put in some time.
Where did you go on the Skagit? I have never been there and I am thinking of calling in sick on Friday. :AA

Any suggestions on flies would be a great help too.