Where wil you be fishing on March 1st?


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I want to know, so Im not there! Just kidding... I think I'll be at Nunally or Lenice. Since I haven't been out for months, its a good opp. tie up some more bugs and get ready for the eastern opener just around the corner.


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I decided years ago that the "circus" is fun to watch instead of being in the middle of. My "opening day" will be after opening day. You guys have fun and bring back lots of lies (and pics) of the big one that didn't get away.
I would be going to Nunnally but I had surgery on both wrists and on my right arm(casting) in january 5th surgery in a year. So I'll most likely have to wait untill april or may. Then for sure heading to wintrop to hit the twins epic 60/70 fish days last may.


Indi "Ira" Jones
After last years vids posted by Yellowlab, I'll be where ever you are, following you around and stealing your streamer patterns. Or I'll be holed up in some unlikely spot on the lake bobbercatering soaking old patterns that the fish have forgotten they are not suppose to eat while others anchor close to me trying to figure out my tricks. Or maybe I'll have to work or take care of the little one. Or maybe anther epic 50 to 60 plus fish a day with fish all between 19" and 30". Something like that. Good luck lab.



I like to rip lips,,
Don't have to wait until 03/01, already been fishing several lakes in the eastern washington area. fishing booby flies and buzzers.. having a blast since the beginning of Feb.


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I'll wait until March 2nd or 3rd to head out to avoid the crowds. The fish will still be there and Im sure hungry for my Chirons.

Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
If work lets me go, I would/will be at Lenice for the 15th in a row... so am hoping the boss will bust me loose...! We would be there from March 3rd-7th.

And I might be testing a boat, trying to decide if I want a pram for retirement.