Which 8 weight line?

Stepping up to an 8 weight rod this summer. I ordered a Redington Pursuit. Is anybody a fan of the rio outbound lines, or should I put together a separate shooting head/ running line set? Or should I just stick with a wf line like I normally use on my other rods? Floating or sinking?

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do you want one line, or do you want to have the ability to switch out heads relatively quickly? the outbounds are great lines but a shooting head system does give you the versatility to quickly swap a floating head for an intermediate head and vise-versa. the only draw back is the loops sometimes catching on the upper guides. i like the outbound for a full floater (although i wish the outbound short had a brighter colored running line (to make it easier to see the junction) but for intermediate and heavy sinking heads i prefer the shooting head system. of course, i fish from a boat most of the time so having a couple rods rigged is easier than on a beach.


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I have an intermediate 8wt Outbound (not short) and I really like it for beach fishing. It has a clear head and shoots great. Many complain about a tangling running line but I have never had much of a problem with that and I'm bad about stretching the line too. The 40+ is another good option but the shooting head is not clear anymore (last I knew). I won't say for fact that it makes a difference, but a clear head seems to make sense to me for subsurface fishing.

If I could only have one line for beach fishing for salmon it would be an intermediate integrated shooting head (like an Outbound). Floaters have their place but I use an intermediate most often. I'm sure others have different preferences though.

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I like the longer Outbound intermediate line, too. There's some new saltwater line info from Gig Harbor Fly Shop on their blog.


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If I remember correctly the original OB's with the 37' heads were great casting but tangled a lot due to the thin running line. Rio changed the running line by making it thicker which eliminated most of the tangling issues. The OB short with a 30' head have become very popular for beach fishing.

Matt is correct. The 40+ is no longer available with a clear head. The head is now a opaque green color with a orange running line. Nice casting line but the head color sucks. Airflo is really missing the boat in my opinion by no longer offering a intermediate line with a clear head. The Ridge running line on both the new and old 40+ lines rarely tangles.

SA Streamer Express is another option. The running line has a bit more memory but works well after a good stretch.

I've never fished a Wulff Ambush line, but many folks seem to like them.
Using a stripping basket will help you with line management regardless of the line you decide to buy.
Hope this helps.


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I recently converted to the SA streamer express on my single hander, and don't see myself going back to the Outbound. Stretch it good, and once it relaxes it shoots a mile. Feels a bit more like a traditional WF line to me as well.

Ambush is a nice line...but takes getting used to. Roll out the head, cast and shoot 60-70 ft of line easy (plus head = 100+ ft). Of the lines mentioned, I think this one "shoots" furthest. BUT...let more than the head out, and it all goes to hell. Ambush works well with SH spey casts too. It's basically a skagit line for single handers/switch rods. I have this line on my 6WT switch.

I've never cast a 40+ because it's ugly.


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Oh...lots of people over-line by one as well.

My only beef with the SA Streamer Express is that it goes by grain weight in 50 grain increments. 200 is too light...250 is overlined (for my 6WT). For an 8wt I'd think 300gr too light, 350gr too heavy. Trim to fit the heavier...and throw a poly leader on it.

Edit: Confirmed grain weight for Outbound/40+ 8WF to be 330 for similar length head.
Was just in gig harbor fly yesterday asking about lines. Funny they should post a video about this today.

Thanks for the suggestions guys still thinking things out.
I started out with a shooting head system, but really got burnt out with the loops catching in the guides, since you will usually strip to the leader. I quickly switched to Outbound shorts and have been very satisfied, I throw them on all my beach rods. Versatility of swapping heads is awesome, but not for me.


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The 300 grain Streamer Express 8wt clear intermediate line is a fish catcher in the salt and the rivers. Get a floating line too for shallow beaches and surface flies.
Ok so I'm leaning toward the rio out bounds will go to gig harbor fly when my rod gets here and try out the lines to see what works. I will probably get the intermediate line and pickup a floater when I need one, maybe for chums. I have 3 pflueger 1498da size medalist copies to set up with different lines.