Whidbey Lakes Status?

Has anyone fished Deer, Lone, or Goss lakes on S. Whidbey recently?
What were they like on your last outing?
Thanks, Ken.
Goss still has plenty of "stockers" but nothing huge. Lone is fishing OK. Most fish are in the 15-17 inch range with a few hitting 18+. Chrono fishing can be productive most of the day. Things can get real active late afternoon, early evening.
Thanks for the reports guys. I've simply got to make the time to get out fishing. I bought a pontoon boat (1 person) and license last year and never made it out. I bought a license this year and still haven't been out.

steve s

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Fished Lone yesterday. Water was warm and not much visibility due to the algea bloom but we had action all day on chirinomids.