Whistler, BC area report (2/6)


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Many of these are in fact the same fish- "Dollies" tagged in the Fraser River drainage have been found in the Skagit. Wouldn't be at all surprised if they moved into the Squamish as well. I've hooked many Sauk/Skagit Dollies that look like your Cheakamus fish (tall and thick, broad backs). It just depends on timing. These fish move around a lot. This is also what happens when you require C&R- the bigger fish tend to stay alive longer. Nice job on the Steelie!
SWEET! Thanks for remembering to let us know how it went! I'll be up there next week with my daughter after the BC fly show...she'll be going for her first dolly and her first steelhead too. She's been wearing her Whistler Fly Fishing sweatshirt every day for about a week now hoping some of Brian's good carma wears off on her! ;)

Anyway, congrats on the great trip and great fish.


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OMG! I got to get up there! that is the way a day of fishing is supposed to be, thanks for the great story and pictures.

I am green with envy..... :thumb:

The white streamer was a good choice as the fish were feeding pretty heavily on salmon flesh recently and it was probably taken as a "flesh fly". Good job an getting an "early" steel head, though I am of a mind that the fish are well in by now because of all the rain we have been having down here recently. It's speeded up things somewhat if you know what I mean! ;)
Nice dollies but be aware there are even bigger ones in there too. :eek:
Great shots, lads! Thanks for the story.

Are you sure those fish were caught here up north? If so, they must be the last 4. :rofl:
Great report! The last time I fished up there (3 weeks ago) I caught my first Dolly ever and it was around 5lbs, then caught a few more only a little smaller. I am moving up to Whistler at the end of april. Can't wait!
Does anyone know where these guys were fishing the Cheakamus? Every place we found decent access (not bombing down talus) the water was way too fast and choppy for my wife (she has bum ankles). The pics look like some pretty decent bank access and good holding water.