"White" Lake on Mt Troublesome ;)

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Matthew Malloy, Aug 2, 2008.

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    I made that hellish hike maybe two years ago with a good buddy of mine, it was miserable but definately worth it when all was said and done. The view when you finally descend the backside and start the treacherous final yards towards the lake is absolutely breathtaking and I will never, ever forget it! BUT... it was late July, maybe even mid-August and the lake was still 3/4 frozen! I suppose we should have expected it when we hit snow on the way up... wow it's all coming back to me now; almost losing it in VERY bad spots, no idea where the trail went after awhile, getting stalked by a cat... where was I... ah yes, no fish! Just some wierdo that reminded me of the guy that built the model planes in that movie where they crash into the desert and have to get out of there for whatever reason by fixing their airplane.. and some guy doing his best Jesus (walking across the water... on logs). Kinda neat. Soooo I was thinking about heading back up there and giving it another shot this year but I want to guarantee some opportunities to hook a few. Out of shape these days and need some easier hikes, you understand.

    Anybody been up Mt. Troublesome this year?
    Are there still a few tons of downed trees on the trail? They were huge...
    And of course, any idea if the lake is still frozen? It's been a hot one this year...

    I would also love to here some tales (tall or otherwise) of your trips up top, as I came back smelling of skunk poop. I'd hate to make that hike again if the lake is empty (already have pictures, thank you very much!).

    On a side note, I was on the Cowlitz the other day with some friends drifting like almost every other gear chucker out there that day and MY GOD if only the fish were as dense in the river as the weekenders... I can say that because it takes one to know one.. it's hard to retire at 26 :hmmm: So yea, I was baitcasting; it's like masturbation... you can say you don't do it all you want but the fact is that you have, and you probably still do, and there's no shame in doing it again! I usually only go that route when I'm hungry but ANYWAYZ, I just wanted to bring a smile to your face as big as the one that came to mine when I watched a guy finishing his float climb out of the water next to the elbow-rubbing baitcasters at the boat launch with three ENORMOUS steelies! People were raping the hatchery all day but wow, this guy knew something he wasn't telling! Millions of dollars in sleds and gear on that river and the guy in the tube with nothing but his rod and net was King that afternoon!
    Lucky sonofa...