White River Report - above falls

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by redheadmick, Jul 17, 2005.

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    Took out the map and the regs when I was camping on a very windy Lake Wenatchee this weekend and hiked along the upper part of the White River, which is fair game above the falls. Didn't look so great at first - it lived up to it's name of "white" by having that glacier-y silted look. It ended up to be a wonderful afternoon though; I caught a couple of rainbows of about 9-10 inches and a cutthroat (methinks) of about twelve. I imagine it was pretty large for where we were. The first 'bow was on a olive bugger, the second two were on drowned caddis imitations tossed into a larger riffle that moved into a pool.
    If you are around the Leavenworth area and need some skinny water (with the Wenatchee being closed and everything) it is beautiful surroundings, well worth the risk to check it out, even if only for the hike. Any locals fished up there?
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