Who is fishing tomorrow?

Yeahbut, it ain't costing me nuttin unlessen I buy one. Asides, I get the old duffers discount.

I can fish out of my neighbors fishpond at night, and it won't cost me a thing. :)

Unless he catches me. :eek:

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
Not me, either. I'm safety advisor at the range today, it's supposed to be a bit breezy, & I generally avoid outdoor activities with the weekend crowds now that I'm retired.
I try to avoid the week end crowd and let the working Dads and kids have at it.

Besides, I got chores to do today. I need to go to town. I hate that when it falls on a week end.


I planned on fishing today but checked the weather at the target lake this morning. Rain and wind. So much for that idea.