whos up for another steelhead fly swap??


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I had enough interest last month that I have decided to run another steelhead fly swap. I am only running 10 slots total this time....first come first serve, no exceptions.

That means only 10 bugs each.

Due date will be October 31st.

I will be tying a egg sucking leach.

Anyone else??

~Patrick ><>


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I'm in! I was sorry to have missed the last one. -found out too late. No Idea what I'll tie yet- I'll give it some thought.

ME, me, me!
I'm going to do a 1950's favorite that is still on the "preferred" list. It will be a gold comet. This fly sinks quick, has nice flash and will take Chinook in rivers and estuaries as well. I've caught more steelhead on this fly than any other. A must have. I'll ship ten.
Plus an extra for the flyfurheur.
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