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Steve Buckner

Mother Nature's Son
For those of you who have not joined, here is a copy of the newsletter that just came out. Please take time to write your congressman and let them know that you oppose the retention of steelhead.

Dear WSC Members and Friends,

Well as many of you know the City of Forks has
exercised their right to appeal the 2 year moratorium
on the killing of wild steelhead. They have sent off
much information and have had a group of 18
legislatures to sign a letter in support of their
cause. Now would be a time to write your Senators and
Representatives and let them know how you feel about
this issue. Let them know that it is the minority of
steelhead anglers in the state and the majority want
this ban and would love to see it be permanent.

To help find your Reps and Senator we have place a
link on the front page of the website. Click the link
and you will type your address in and you can find

If you would also send a quick not to the WDFW
commission in support of the moratorium again that
would be greatly appreciated.

We are contacting all the Legislatures that signed the
letter and offering to present them with the data that
we have collected. These are the Reps who have
signed: Buck, Sump, Blake, Schoesler, Pearson,
Kessler, Orcutt, Armstrong, Hatfield, Hinkle and the
Senators who have signed: Sheldon, Morton, Hewitt,
Hargrove, Doumit, Honeyford, McCaslin

Take the time let them know how you feel as those that
are opposed to this ban are being very loud now.



Jeff Johnson
Wild Steelhead Coalition
1st VP Membership

Steve Buckner


Active Member
Guys- if you have already sent a letter, this is not for you...for the rest of you...all the time we whine and cry about mismanagement, and how nothing gets done right for our fish...all of you that feel this way will not do any good if the elected represenatives don't hear about it. Please write them, I did, you should too!
Sent letters in just one week ago today. Asked for the protection on all native fish including the release of all native steelhead. Asked for the protection of our clean water as well.
For those who have not yet written in now is the time.
Thanks Skinny for attempting to marshall the troops. We must have an unrelenting committment to our wild fish and this helps.

Mr. Jim Buck, my fine Rebilkwhencan local hack, naturally signed the moratorium repeal. He's been in the hands of the lumber business and just about any business since he got elected.

Norm Dicks (D) Bremerton (US Congress)has been a good fighter for our fish and we are lucky to have him. Think I'll just send him an attaboy note.

And to you, Skinny--attaboy!

Bob, the Hope the Moratorium holds as tight as my wallet when in Forks.
One and all,

The importance of writing to your representatives and senators cannot be too storngly stated,along with the Fish and Wildlife Commission and WDFW.

I believe that we can turn Jim Buck's latest nefarious effort around but we don't want to take it lightly. As a member of the board of directors of WSC, I promise you that we are fighting for the wild steelhead tooth and nail -- and we are following all proper procedures and protocol in doing so. This is going to be a battle for some time to come so gear up for the long haul. Always remember, our representatives were voted in by us and thwy work for us, a fact some of them seem to forget. Help them remember.
Good Fishing,
Les Johnson
This is an important thing for all if us to do.
Representatives and Senators and Fish and Wildlife Commission and WDFW needs are input!

As Bob L. said Norm Dicks (D) is a good fighter and he needs are supports.

Wild Steelhead needs are HELP!
After all there are the biggest losers, in the BIG picture!

It’s time to STOP all the whine and get those letters out!

And make sure you send a letter to Reps. and Senators who signed this:

Reps.: Buck-R, Sump-R, Blake-D, Schoesler-R, Pearson-R,Kessler-, Orcutt-R, Armstrong-R, Hatfield-D, Hinkle-D,

Senators: Sheldon-D, Morton-R, Hewitt-R, Hargrove-D, Doumit-D, Honeyford-R, McCaslin-R
I always hate to ask someone else to do my research, but of the names listed above, how many are Democrates and how many are Republicans? Or would that be just too much to the point?

Bob, the My Sister says we must stay the course:reallymad