Wilderness Access EXP What's up?

The website is dead. Did they go out of business? I have had mine for about 6 years and love it--what a great boat! Lots of use and it still looks brand new. The new Dave Scadden Assault boat is similar but frankly is a big improvement with the rockered hull and saddlebags.


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The owner of Wilderness Access, Dale Coryell, had a serious illness last year. It was close for a couple months, but he pulled through. He had to shut down his brick and mortar store, but was planning on just an online store for his fly fishing gear. Hard to believe I bought mine 8 1/2 years ago and it's better now than when I bought it. If you need any parts for yours you can get them from Dave Inks at Wasterstrider:http://www.waterstrider.com/ Dave is a great guy and has passed along a ton of info to me and inturn I've tried to share on this board.