wildest storys that are true

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    I saw a big brown eat a duckling at Pass Lake one day. Not catching a thing, I was bored and staring at a mother duck with a train of ducklings and counted them, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7... a few seconds later a huge splash occurred at the back of the duckling train and when they were all done scurrying away I counted again... 6. Of course I immediately started thinking about how one would tie a duckling pattern.
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    I've caught 7 ducks and 1 seagull. All on gear. Seagulls fight better. There like the tarpon of the avian world.
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    Most of my reels once belonged to guys who are now dead. Tell her to think of it like saving the family of having to sell it at his estate sale. :)
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    In my early years of chucking iron in the Chicago area, I would fish in a alot of the shallow lakes along the tollway they dug to make the overpasses. One set of them had been dug out near the airport and were owned by a gravel company. A kid had drowned in one of them so they fenced them and were pretty good about keeping little shits like me out. I got motivated after a couple of years because the bass were getting big and stupid with no fishing pressure and nobody working gravel near these ponds.

    I started getting up early and sneaking into the area to fish early. One Wednesday no one was around so I fished later than usual because I was killing the bass on spoons. I had lost four or five spoons in the same spot but was catching bass in the same area on almost every cast. I finally landed a four pounder and was thinking a few more casts - then beat it out of there before one of the hard hats grabbed me and turned me over to Detective White who was (shall we say) familiar with my file.

    Next cast, I snagged up again with my last spoon (a favorite). I decided to swim down before I left and retrieve as many as I could find. Stripped to my skivs and dove in. The water was fairly clear in these quarries, viz maybe ten to fifteen feet. Lots of accumulated junk on the bottom including some car and truck skeletons. I see a couple of my spoons on the first car and grabbed them. To the surface for an O2 recharge then dove back to the second car to get the rest of my spoons.

    Now the good part. In the second car, behind the wheel and in the passenger seat were two guys. Been there a while, but not long enough. I must have looked like a Polaris sub coming out of the water and as I am trying to get dressed (shakin' and unable to use any form of motor skills) - the cops show up - the hard hats had ratted me out for tresspassin'.

    The cops questioned me for about a week off and on - completely ruined my summer fishing because Detective White told me (actually convinced me) that if I got caught again fishing in the private ponds, he was personally going to drive me to St. Charles. This was a notorious (to me anyway) home for some of the boys I knew who had really crossed lines that shouldn't have been crossed.

    I can still picture the car and the passengers and every time I see a rusted car body near the water I need zippered waders ASAP!
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    Fishing off a dock in the Finger Lakes New York. the license allows two poles.

    So I have one line out with a bobber and worm, and I am casting a floating plug with the other, at dusk.

    While reeling in the plug I see the bobber go down, so set the plug rod down and pick up the other and ultimately land a northern pike.

    The dock is a little high so I walk the fish to shore where I can take a picture and unhook it. I dont plan to keep it.

    The hook is firmly planted in the corner of its mouth, and before I manage to get it out, it flips and cuts the leader, so I point it out toward the lake and it slowly swims away.

    As its getting dark, I tidy up my rod and gear box, and then walk out to the end of the dock to reel in other rod with the plug.

    The lines not tight. but something is weird for sure.

    I finally get in a tangle of line and then the plug with a passive pike on it.

    Sure enough, my bait hook from worm fishing is right there in the corner of its mouth.

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    Fishing near the mouth of a coastal river with a guy using a level wind and salmon rod. He gets a solid hit, sets hard, and in an instant realizes he's hooked a sea lion.

    It peels line like nothing you've ever seen and bakes the reel before finally snapping off.

    That might be enough to qualify to be included here in this thread, but it leaves out the best part: The guy is the executive director of the Humane Society.

    He swore us all to secrecy under pain of death...

    ... Oh, crap! I hope he doesn't read this.

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    Here's one that involves my good fishing buddy, John.

    Back before he met me and he became hot and heavy into flyfishing, he was using gear to fish for steelhead on The Siletz. At his favorite hole, he thought he was snagged on the bottom but then realized he had hooked something. He reeled it in and it was a steelhead he had snagged. However, it was chrome bright and gutted. Evidently, whoever fished the hole just before he arrived must have caught the steelhead, gutted it and then somehow dropped it back into the river.

    You can't beat that. A bright, pre-gutted steelhead.
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    I was fishing the Cowlitz about 6 yrs ago. I was fishing the islands below blue creek. I hook and land a steelhead. I fish for another 30 minutes and hook up again. This is a coho, my friend nets the fish and we go back up to our gear. He gets back in the water and i deal with my fish and marking my catch record etc. I get back in the water and my very next cast... fish on, another coho, he again helps me land it... i deal with the fish and catch record ect.

    I take a drink off my beer and say, 'it would be great to get another one'... next cast, fish on!, my friend says 'screw you' net your own fish. I take it down river and land the coho. I come back up to our gear shaking my head in amazement. I take a few minutes break, I get back up from my chair after finishing my beer. At this point i am 3 for 3 on consecutive casts.... I wonder if i can get another ? I cast out into the river and come back with no fish. The streak is over, we laugh and i tell him how amazing that was to get 3 fish on 3 casts. I cast out again, WHAMMO, fish on!. My friend about comes unglued. Its not a coho, its a steelhead. I am fighting the fish and my friend cast over my line and snags into my fish. We are laughing at this point and both bringing the fish to shore. At the shoreline, my hook comes out and back into the river the fish goes with my friend now fighting it. He lands it, we sit down and have another beer and talk about my 4 fish on 5 casts. I tie up a lure for a guy fishing above us that hasn't touched a fish all day. His very first cast, he hooks and lands a steelhead. It was a stellar day on the Cowlitz. I have the pics, memories, and my good friend being a witness to this 100% true story.
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    A few years ago I was watching my buddies pontoon boat float down the deschutes toward me with him know where in sight. Priceless! The time Brian Silvey asked if we left a backpack with a reel and journal at the launch point. My buddies looks at the back. Says he has one just like it, takes the reel out, looks at it and politely gives it back. Nope not mine he says. Good think I saw Brian the next morning to ask him for the bag. This was the day after he lost his pontoon boat.

    My first year fishing,my brother in law took me coho fishing on the sandy river. He took two rods and I took one. As we are hiking in I ask why did you take two rods? You will see he said. We fished for a bit before I got hung up. Gave a good tug and wham! Busted rod. He looks at me and says that's why, long walk back to the truck.
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    These are great story's I have really enjoyed readying them. I knew if I asked a question like this I would get a ton of answers!! Boy its true fishermen love to tell story's!!! And I guess we love to hear them to.!!
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    My entire life is a wild story. Fishing has been the only normal part of it.
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