Will be new to NW WA and doing research now

Im currently in the navy and i will be stationed in Whidbey island for the next four years, and being raised in idaho and in WNC with very avid outdoorsey families i too am a AVID outdoorsman. im tryin to do the best research before i arrive, and im just currious to the hunting oppurtunities that are there/here in washington. be it small game to large game.


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Well I hate to be the guy to break it to you, but don't expect anything like Idaho trout fishing around here, at least in the moving water. Washington state just doesn't have good "traditional" trout fishing on the west side. Closest fresh water to you is just north a few miles over the Deception Pass bridge at the fly-fishing only Pass Lake. Lots of info on that place if you search this website. Rivers are a bit further, either across the Pt Townsend/Keystone ferry to the Olympic Peninsula, or up hwy 20 and over to the Skagit, Samish, Stilly or others further north or south.

There's salt fishing to be had off of Whidbey, but despite the fact that I grew up just north on Fidalgo island, I'm not the guy to talk to about it. Salt and I don't get along.
Not to be a downer, but get transfered to Fairchild:) The Eastside is superior:) We have a family cabin on Whidbey, beautiful area. As for fishing- most rivers on the westside have significant runs for Steelhead and several salmon species.I fished the Snohomish and Skykomish mostly, basically pick a river and hit a local fly shop to seek specifics. Good Luck mate. The fish abound.


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Upland (chukar, quail, pheasant, grouse X3 species)
Big Game (deer, elk, bear, cougar, moose, sheep, goats)

As suggested get stationed on the east side! I wish I had seen the Okanogan before 'landing' in Bellingham! Oh well next life suppose.


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Thanks for your service

Pm me what you like to hunt.

Have to choose weapon here in Washington. Need more info and can help out