Wind in the gorge made fishing tough

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Shawn West, May 23, 2011.

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    Fished Little Ashes lake both Saturday and Sunday. I knew wind was going to be an issue, so I arrived at the lake on Saturday around 7AM hoping to beat the wind. I managed to fish for about three hours before throwing in the towel. I spent most of my time fishing next to hwy 14. I caught one 13" smallmouth in all that time. That was just after turning the toon towards the pick-up.

    I managed to lose my hook hone Saturday. I think it fell out at the launch. It is amazing how much I missed that tool. I am constantly sharpening my hooks. I ended up having to exchange flies every time my hook got dull. There were a few other toons out there Saturday. If any of you found an Orvis hook hone, I would really like to get it back. I have had that thing for over twenty years.

    I went back to the scene of the crime Sunday hoping beyond all hope that my hook hone would be laying on the ground. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be seen. I fished for a couple of hours. Again I spent most of my time fishing along hwy 14. I managed to land five smallies. The largest being a fat 18" female. She towed my toon around before I managed to land her. I caught all five on an olive/brown #10 Simiseal leech. She made the effort to go back on Sunday worth it.

    For those of you interested, the water temperature was fifty-five degrees. Just about every person fishing the lake in boats or toons were fishing the North side of the lake. I never made it over there, but I am guessing maybe the water is warmer/shallower in that part of the lake. There was one boat that was fishing there Sunday. They made a run towards hwy 14 and fished for about fifteen minutes before motoring back to where they came from. If you make it out, best of luck to you. I hope to get back out in a couple of weeks.