NFR Wind Map


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Evan, cool map! For those of us living in E Wa, wind is very fishing related. When I check a forecast, I am not usually looking to see if it will rain or snow or how hot or cold it will be, but what the wind will be doing.
Thanks for the link.
Looks like a good resource, but wish the map showed up using IE. I'll have to find a computer running Chrome to check it out.
Here is another source for wind info that I find very helpful when fishing the sound.
Can you load plug-ins on your system?
Ok, I know, if someone's making you use IE they probably say "no plug-ins", but if you can:

Although I think it would only work if the site has a meta tag instructing IE to use the chrome plug-in as the rendering engine, so it may not help.

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Very cool! Butt shouldn't there be bigger winds in Dillon, MT and over on the Kitsap Peninsula? :cool:
What is your point...poking fun at Old Man and Mumbles is certainly not sporting for a man of your talents Flybill, you should have much sharper tounged opponents.

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