Winter steelhead flies update

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by stillysteeler, Dec 4, 2009.

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    I have already one box full of flies. There are eggs sucking leaches, green but skunk, polar shrimp, woolly buggers in different size end colors, starlight pink and black, conehead bunny mudler and more. What I have found I do not have flies in red, orange, yellow, etc tones. I went trough flies in catalog I found what is interesting to me. I can not effort all of them neither I thing all of them are needed. I would like to hear opinion what else would be worth to buy for winter steelhead. I will fish the Stilly, Skagit/Cascade, upper Sky. I use 8 wt, 9 feet rod, and full sinking line (teeny 300) - I thing that this info also matter. I am sure I don't need more that couple patterns to cover those waters. I have already enough flies to catch winter steelhead but I am not sure that buying the bright and more color full staff make sense.

    Here is the list:

    Metal Detector Fly, Chartreuse and Black
    Metal Detector Fly, Red and Orange
    Alaskabou, Volcano
    Alaskabou, Popsicle
    Agitator Black and Red
    Agitator Pink and Orange
    Big Red
    Orange General Practitioner
    Purple General Practitioner
    Sandy Candy
    Sandy Candy
    Deep Purple Spey
    Candle Light Spey
    Surgeon General

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    I don't see "orange bead" on the list. Just kidding :)

    I'd just get some metal detectors in chart/black and call it good. Honestly, I think you're over-thinking it. I'm of the opinion that a few flies in different sizes is more important than a wide array of patterns. Some guys here will even tell you the fly never really matters, it's all the presentation. There's been days when I almost feel that way.
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    Hey - I would just fish what you got man.