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I am done. I will try to get them in the mail today. I am looking forward to seeing all the others. I like to make up patterns so here is one I made for the this swap. Here is a picture and the recipe;

Yellow and Orange

Hook: Daiichi Alec Jackson Spey Fly hook #2051, Size 1.5
Tag: Silver Mylar Tinsel
Rib: Silver Mylar Tinsel
Body: Hot Yellow and Hot Orange "Ice Dub" Hareline Dubbin
Hackle: Mallard Flank
Wing: Red Golden Pheasant over Yellow Golden Pheasant
Cheek: Jungle Cock Nail

A simple fly but I like the colors and more so the way the Mallard moves in the water.

Tight lines Gentlemen.

Good looking flies there fellas. I have been done, but have been a little lazy to get them in the mail (plus i was avoiding the Post Office like the plague). However, I have decided to make a trip to town and get them sent out tomorrow.

Looking forward to all these great looking flies.


Ed Call

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Done, on the dryer right now rotating until tomorrow. I may mail them tomorrow or the next day whenever I can get up and out. It is an intruder variant:
Coter pin shank
Black rabbit strip head and streamer wing
Grey ostrich herl streamers
Black yack underwing and body bulk
Grey angora sheep dubbing
Grey chenile shank knob
20# braided spectra fiber, doubled
#8 stainless mustad hook dressed in maribou

I got some in another swap and fished them to find ridiculous action. I hope they fish well for you all.

Visited UPSP online and printed out the mailing label. They are in the mailbox for Mr. Postal to collect in the morning.


Zach M

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ok i might have to back out of this one now. i havent started and i doubt i can crank out 14 very soon. im busy at the vise just filling my saltwater box. sorry guys
Hey Zach,

I'm pretty sure everyone will let you off the hook if you send in your magic shrimp fly for rezzies. I am very jealous as I've been snowed in most of the last two weeks and couldn't even get to the salt.....you lucky dog! Fish closer to shore and you'll score cutties too!

sw, very nice.

I am sending these tommorrow. An articulated Scotty Howell marabou squid variant, with whiting spey hackle and bird fur highlights.

the prototype fished very nicely on the sky this week. tug tug.


Very nice Eric,

Maybe this will inspire me to take another run at trying to figure out how to better use whiting spey hackle. I jumped in and got a couple caps last year, but I find it hard to work with for the most part and frustrating to be sure. I look forward to your handywork! :thumb:

Thanks! i have forced myself to sit down and figure out the best way to use the stuff and I think this is one very good way. It really moves in the water and looks "alive", and makes a great combo with the marabou. What I have found is that you really have to be diligent in stroking the fibers back as you turn the feather. also, surprisingly, the fibers are a little tougher than they seem and can be brushed out if caught. I have been using a toothbrush to brush out caught fibers of the marabou and hackle, which seems to work quite well. Cant wait to see your fly as well, looks like a dandy. I want to sit down and tie some of those flies in Dec's book. some very nice ones in there....

Ed Call

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Eric, that fly looks tremendous. I've never seen that type of long hackle fibers, but I'll keep an eye out. I have a lot of whiting hackles, but all are much shorter fibers. I too have found that when wrapping maribou or hackles that it is tough to keep the fibers to the rear to prevent from overwrapping and mashing them down. A toothbrush? I will have to give that a shot. I use my fingers, some saliva from time to time and a dubbing needle to painstakingly pick out the trapped fibers, but preventing fiber trapping would be better us of my time. Thanks.
thanks Ed. there is actually a specific type of hackle from whiting call Spey Hackle (http://www.whitingfarms.com/prod_spey.html) which is supposed to mimic heron feathers for tying spey flies. The rooster capes have the longest feathers with long fibers i think. It is good stuff if you can get it to work for you. It can be a bit delicate, but looks good. I use some spit during the wrapping and then the toothbrush after tying down to brush or pick out caught fibers. Whiting also have something called Bird fur which also has very fine long fibers, but is way more delicate and actually looks like hair. In the fly I tied here, I used white spey hackle to highlight the marabou. It was tied on a waddington and from back of the fly to the front the recipe is:

1. Pink Ice Dub ball to create base for marabou
2. 1 pink marabou tied spider, then 1 pink marabou dubbed in with dubbing loop to 1/3 mark of the shank.
3. 1 long white spey hackle feather wrapped around head of marabou
4. Another light violet Ice Dub ball to create base for marabou
5. 1 light blue marabou tied spider, then 1 light blue marabou dubbed in with dubbing loop to 2/3 mark of the shank.
6. 1 long white spey hackle feather wrapped around head of marabou
7. 1 purple marabou tied spider, then 1 purple marabou dubbed in with dubbing loop to the head of the shank.
8. 1 long white spey hackle feather wrapped around head of marabou and then 1 grizzly variant bird fur feather wrapped as a collar.
9. Tied with flour. pink thread to create bright head.

These look nice in the water with great movement and profile, and the dubbing creates a vortex to help move the feathers around. You could add some long hackle feather or some ostrich feather to the head to add some more fishiness to it as well.


AKA Joe Willauer
what type of package are you guys sending for returning the flies in? i haven't done a swap with big bugs before. mine will be shipping out tomorrow.

Ed Call

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Big Fly Box, imagine what you need to send your twelve monsters, if yours fit in the box our returns will fit. My flies are about the same general size as yours Joe (only mine don't look so darn tasty). I send a clear top plano box from Wal-mart, sturdy and sizeable.