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OK, for about a month or so now I've really enjoyed this forum. All the tips and all the stories have taken up much of my lunch breaks. Thanks everyone....

On a side note, my little crew, which consists of a handful of beginners is cruising up to Winthrop to spend a few days escaping city life... Any recommendations? I had heard that the Methow is closed and I used to fish the Chewuch. What options do we have or are the local lakes our best bet?

The Chewuck is closed I believe, but part of the Methow is open for steelhead. The "drop dead date" for most of the local lakes is October 31. Check with Mazama Troutfitters for details. They are very helpful.


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I'd strongly recommended stopping in at the visitor center. It's on the right by the red bard right before you cross the bridge to enter town. They have a copy of the regulations and also will be aware of any last minute changes.
Although I haven't fished it in several years, Big Twin lake outside of winthrop used to have very good trout fishing. I'm not sure when it closes, however- I always fished it in the spring. There is a nice little camp ground on one end. It's most distinctive feature is the tree frogs in the showers...
Who you calling a beginner? j/k

yes I was just looking at the regs and the methow is definatly closed.. Buck lake is open till the end of the month I believe but it might be all fished out by this time..

I think our best bet is Cougar lake....
What-ever always means yes

The Methow is open this year for steelhead right now through the winter I believe. My cousin lives across the river from Pateros and has been landing steelies almost daily. He keeps taunting me about it so I guess i'll have to get over there and get my fare share of the fun. Check the notice on the game dept. web site - both the Methow and the Okanogan are open and parts of the columbia.

Good luck, Brad


northwest flyfisherman who lives in the desert
Thanks everyone for the comments... by the way TroutTamer is also my fishing partner and the only one in the group who isn't a rookie... (see you at the cabin Friday).

We'll check the visitors center on the way thru.... good luck on the water everyone...