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I'm thinking of buying an old winston IM6 blank (2 pc 8wt) with the intent of building up a nice steelhead rod. How much $$$ would it cost to have someone build this up with a nice reel seat, cork, guides, etc.
If you shop carefully (HINT: use eBay), you can buy the needed components, less the blank, for around $35-$40. If you want more deluxe components, double or triple that figure. IM6 graphite has been a standard for several decades. IM6 rods are typically fast action, dependable but not smooth or subtle. I've built a number of them. Again, you can buy IM6 blanks on eBay, Anglers Roost Enterprises and elsewhere for little coin, like $10-$30. No need to pay a lot for a Winston IM6 blank.
While it is true IM6 material is a little dated, it is still a useful material to build with.

To assume that an Anglers Roost or other cheap import blank is built as well as a Winston then you are up in the night. You can have the best material in the world, but if you don't use a decent resin and mandrel...the rest is hogwash.


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I guess I was a little romanticized by it being an older Winston IM6 blank. However the price is $125, so I'm not sure I want to spend a $%@# of money making it into an actual Winston quality rod.
I agree with Veilside. Additionally, in my opinion, if you put crap on an wonderful older blank you will be stuck with it if you ever want to move it along. If you put nice hardware on it, and have a experienced builder make it up, you will have a wonderful fishing tool for years to come. And if you ever want to pass it along, you will more than likely be able to.
If you want to get by the cheapest route possible, buy one of the cheap blanks and get the cheap hardware. You can build a complete rod for less than $100 if that is what you want.
Will the Winston still fish with cheap hardware...sure. If you are going to buy a nice blank, even if at a lower price, i would do the blank justice.
Just my opinion. Either way, enjoy the new project.


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I saw that blank, but thought $150 was a little rich. IM6 Winston factory rods still bring a good price. Not as much in a 8wt 2pc con option. Anglers Habitat in your area builds rods and would be a starting pint, go see some rods they have built. Steve Moran in Spokane does a great job and is reasonable.

Price for someone to build the rod $100-$200
Cork grip $20-35
Reel Seat $20-75
Guides $20-40
thread, epoxy and finish should be included in build price.


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I think you're right, that's why I backed away after seeing it in person. I picked up my last Winston from Angler's Habitat off one of their upgrade programs. They had it all prettyied up as new again. It's a 6 wt BIIX with titanium guides.


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From what I have read the winston IM6 blanks are rolled by loomis. but the point I would like to make is that the mandrel is under lock and key, not to be used by anyone else. this was a special blank that a lot of people love because of the action that was created - not the IM6 blank. like mentioned - other IM6 blanks are not winstons! If history, tradition, action, mean something
to you I would get the winston blank. anyone can build an IM6 rod but it still wont be a IM6 "WINSTON" blank.

As far as resale just the mention of the winston blank will catch many an eye. does the blank have the "winston rod blank" logo on the blank? is it documented a winston? I just bought a custom b11x rod and the blank has winstons logo on it. don't know if they did this years ago. good luck!
Mark is correct, the IM-6 and IM-6 XD blanks were rolled by Loomis. In '94 Winston started rolling blanks in house, and changed the name to "WT." (For what it's worth, I built a couple Winstons up from blanks years ago, and at that time, neither of them had their Logo on the blank.)

As venerable as it is, for many the Winston IM-6 is still the rod all others are measured against...


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Interesting blank. But from a building, value stand point there are a couple of concerns for me (especially at that price). Factory built IM6 rods are very collectable. 8wt rods, espically long 2pc not as much as a lighter rod. Custom built drops the value even done by a professional. An amatur builder would be lucky to get the price of the materials out of it, I don't think you could actually? If it is a blank that strikes a cord for some reason and you bought it to fish, great. I still think that the price is a little high?