WM guys - using raft bottom to create pram?

Any watermaster guys out there doing this? How did you rig your seat? Did you add a bow anchor? How stable is your boat when standing? Big Sky inflatables website got me thinking about this but they don't have any photos of a boat rigged for lakes.

I've been using my WM on lakes for several years and usually I prefer the kickboat layout. But I've been out on prams and see that it would be nice to have the option to rig my WM with the raft bottom, raised seat, and a duel anchor system for setting up on structure or fishing big chironomid hatches.

Of course, for the $$ I would drop to buy all the upgrades from Big Sky, I could probably buy a pram. But then I'd have to store/maintain it . . . .hmmmm.


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I've not tried the hard bottom option that Big Sky offers and would be very interested in hearing from others who have.

That said, I just bought a used Scadden boat that has a standing platform and lean bar. I tried it out briefly a few weeks back and after some initial unsteadiness, found it to be reasonably secure mostly because of the lean bar. The fact that the WM doesn't have such a bar seems a bit scary but I'm open to trying it.

The original owner of my WM rigged a rear anchor system that works pretty well although the boat does pivot on the anchor line when a breeze comes up. It resembles the factory system but is made from PVC pipe and some galvanized metal tubing. I've been thinking about how to rig a front front anchor that keeps the line handy yet still clears the stripping apron, oars and my feet. Any thoughts on design would be appreciated.



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I ordered the raft bottom today.

Yesterday afternoon . . .Out of nowhere my wife started talking about a WM being perfect for her to take our 2 year old out on the lake while I was fishing out of my own WM . .. if it had a full bottom on it. That was an easy wish to grant. Should have it in time for the peak of chironomid fishing this spring.