Wolves on the Westside?

Ed Call

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Triploidjunkie, you will forever be held responsible for this nightmare!

What does one do with a dead wolf after one shoots it?
Well if a guy killed a wolf legal and the pelt was winter prim it could be worth $400.00 to $500.00
I would like to have a wolf pelt on the wall, it would look good with the bear and the deer antlers, the fish pics and wood carvings, fly rods, muzzle loaders, bows, ya know, man cave stuff.
I got to thinks about the wolf killing just for the fun of it.
From all I've learned about wild predators, wolves, big cats, they don't kill just because it's fun or because it's easy.
Dogs and house cats will kill for fun.
I personally know of a mountain lion that killed a llama and did not eat any of it, didn't come back the next nite or the nite after to feed on the llama. We were waiting maybe that was why it didn't return.
Long story short we called the man with the hounds and they found the old tom cat 8 miles away and killed him.
He had llama fur stuck on him. Guilty
I'm not saying that the wolves would not kill a bunch of sheep then run off and hunt up an elk and eat the elk instead. It just seems strange behavior for a wild predator.
"Wolf dogs gone wild" in America, dropped off in a neighbor hood like yours.
Mommy get yer gun.