Woo-Hoo!! Steelie opener!


Topwater and tying.
I've never been steelhead fishing. Never had a particular desire to. That all changed tonight when I saw that the upper Columbia and tribs open tomorrow.

My wife made a "mistake" when she booked us into Leavenworth the last week in October. We thought their Oktoberfest was all weekends in October. No such luck, just the first 3. What to do, what to do? Looked through the regs and saw that nearby fishing would be slim to none. Scheduled a day at Rocky Ford and a day on the Yak on the way home. Figured I'd wind up spending too much time at Icicle Brewing and other such fine establishments.

Now that the "mistake" has turned into a "happy accident" (for me!), I'm feverishly learning as much as I can, as fast as I can about the fishery. Planning on using nymphs since that seems to have the best chance of a hookup. Planning on staying close to the resort (Wyndham) in Leavenworth itself. Can't do any all-dayers, but I should be able to hit it for a couple of hours every morning I can drag my a** out of bed! Maybe an evening or two, also.

Also looks like the flows are just beginning to taper a bit after the recent dump with the 10 day weather report showing showers instead of rain. Hope that continues, since I think that's a good thing, but what do I know?

If nothing else, I'll get some nymphing practice. If my catching results are consistent I won't have to worry about fishy hands :rolleyes:.