Wooden Drift Boat Festival 2011

Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
Its not too soon to plan a visit to the annual Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival this year: September 9/10/11 www.woodenboat.org/festival/

This year there are going to be some serious classic and modern versions of working wooden drift boats on display, and some presentations on building and using wooden drifters with fisherman and wooden drift boat builder Greg Hatten.

This facet of the "annual Mecca of wooden boats" has been growing over the past few years since Roger Fletcher wrote his great book:
Drift Boats and River Dories: Their History, Design, Construction and Use". And a kind of renaissance has evolved amongst wooden drift boat enthusiasts.

So if you ever wanted to own or build your own wooden drift boat this will be a great opportunity to see what has been done and what really works, from traditional to modern. Cmon...Wade into it!

Here's a peek at the Snake River Wooden Boat Show video too:

Bob Triggs

Stop Killing Wild Steelhead!
Anyone interested in showing / sharing their wooden river dories, prams, drift boats, canoes
Be they professionally or home built are encouraged to contact Kaci Cronkite at The Wooden Boat Foundation to sign on as a participant. Likewise if anyone is interested in doing any demonstrations or displays on wooden boat building related to light fishing craft, river dories, prams etc, you are welcome to contact Kaci for more info. The festival is sincerely interested in welcoming this community of professional and, amateur wooden boat builders and enthusiasts.
contact: Kaci Cronkite


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I will be there for this one.In years past its been all about the kyaks and rowboats.I like seeing the addition of the drift boats.Thanks for the heads up.

Angler 77

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Bumpity bump. The weather today was amazing, the marina and bay are full of wooden boats of all kinds and the people aren't bad either. I highly recommend checking out the festival.