Swap Woolley Bugger Swap - Newbie to Expert Tiers Welcome

Ed Call

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Kelvin, we did fill up fast, let's put it to the tyers. Willing to allow more to enter? If so to what number? Let's hear some input over the next day or two.

Ed Call

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Norm are you out or just being courteous to make space? I am going to increase the spots up to a maximum of 14. I'll update the main post now adding Kelvin and Western. I will leave Norm in until I hear back from him, we hope you'll continue on with us. Now there is room for a few more interested parties, again no level of experience requirements. If you are willing to join and meet the delivery deadlines you are welcome. Ed


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I dropped a line a few days ago right after you hit the 10. Could you confirm if I'm in or out? ...sounded like more spots opened up...your call Mumbles either way is just fine.

Ed Call

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Steeli, I must have missed your PM. My apologies. You have been added. Thanks for joining up.
Ansas, thanks for the PM, you are IN. Thanks for joining up.
Norm, you are still in if that is okay with you. If a newbie wants to join I'll be the first to drop and still serve as swapmeister.

We are full at 14 folks, as a reminder, update your fly intent so we can keep the variety to the maximum. Please tag your flies. Please get them to me by March 22nd with postage paid return included so I can turn them around as soon as I get home from the Hoh Down.

When you are done let me know and I'll shoot you my mailing address.

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I think the number we have now is very nice. Like norm said if there is a newbie wants to join than I will give my spot up....In the mean time i got 14 flies to tie...