Working your fingers to the bone

How many other guys here spend the countless hours tying there own bugs? I have been doing it for nearly a year now and it is great :thumb:
I love being able to customize a pattern to the conditions I am fishing.

Keep on tying,



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I set a goal for myself that I wasn't going to buy any new bugs this year but would fill any perceived gaps with my own ties. I did pretty good through about the end of May. At that point, I just couldn't resist the appeal of the shiny new stuff in the flyshop. I tie most of my own and will try my resolution again next year.


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Well I try to tie up the simple ones,like EHC,Stimulators,olive willies,drunken dragons,WB's. Anything else I have to buy as I just can't do them up. Too many feathers or too small.

Size is a major player for me to. I am young (22) but I have poor eyesite. All those years going to school for welding didnt favor my eyes. Its all I can do to tie up a size 20 let alone tie that onto my tippet.